Good Bush Routes in Wahington and Oregon

This is a topic where yall can post yalls routes for bush flying in Oregon or Washington. These routes can involve anything from low alt airport to airport to heading directions to get to a gravel bar or cool river runs and all that stuff. This would be really cool to do in infinite flight cause nobody does bush flying and I absolutely love what backcountry182 is doing on his YouTube and want to have that kind of thrill in game.


What makes you think nobody dies in bush flying? Even though fixed wing Aviation is by far the safest method of travel in the world every type of fixed wing flying sadly especially GA still has accidents.

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Last couple of days I’ve been enjoying coastal British Columbia. Really nice for backcountry GA flying. Lots of little mountain islands that are a blast to fly between. I start at CYJQ and head north. (note: seaplane hangar and dock parking are broken, so don’t use them)

Thanks for mentioning the youtube videos, I’ll have to take a look.

That in Oregon or Washington? The state

A state in Canada directly above Washington (the state)

The Canadian state Vacouver is in

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Ahhhhhh. ok. But I’d prefer to keep it related to the 2 states mentioned because they are where the best scenery for bush flying is in the United states

flying the Columbia River Gorge and over the Deschutes & John Day Rivers, to Country Squire Airpark S48 is a great flight

Ok, just mentioned it because it’s a quick hop from Seattle and because I was so impressed with the scenery. Have fun!

K. Thanks.

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