Good budget zoom camera


Should I get a

  • Canon SX60 HS
  • Sony P90HDR-CX550E
  • Other (mention below)

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My goal:
Being able to see up to an aircraft’s doors (or underbelly wheels) clearly on planes at cruising altitude.
Having AT LEAST 60x optical zoom.
Thank you!


My friend uses a Cannon T6. He takes amazing photos with it but I think its like $300


Thank you, that is not a problem bfecause the SX60 is $475


@Captain_Seth, do you have any pictures you could show me, please? Thank you!

  • 1 Cannon SX60 HS
  • 2 Cannon T6

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These were taken with a cannon T6


Wow, thanks, the second one is a nice shot! How high were they?


I can guarantee you they weren’t higher than 1,000 feet (I can tell from the haze and angle)


On second thought you’re gonna need more money than those two cost to be able to do that. Superzooms aren’t sharp above around 30x ish, and you may still not have the reach to get aircraft cruising. Just remember, the T6 is a DSLR, so you need to attach a lens and this lens will have profound impacts on your photos. The 2 general lenses you could get are these:

Canon EF-S 55-250 IS STM (or 75-300, you get more reach but it’s not as sharp) $250
Sigma 100-400 OS C (super sharp but costs a bit more) $650

You might not want something newer like a T6 instead opting for a used T3 or T2i or something which will deliver the results for a lot cheaper


Thank you, @xxFuryxx, after thoughts, I will most probably get theSX60 HS.
Thank you for your help!

(even though I won’t be able to see wheels.)


They were both at about 2,000 feet


Thank you!


You forgot Mirroles cameras
I use a Sony A6000


Mirrorlesses are generally overpriced these days and the technology isn’t as refined as that of DSLRs. For the same price, until you get to the high ends generally DSLRs are going to be higher value which is what the OP is looking for


Sorry, I’ve never owned or used mirror-less cameras before, so I wouldn’t have been able to give any advice about them.


Thank you everyone, my SX60 HS just arrived and I’m setting it up! Expect pictures soon :)


How much was it?


$475 USD approximately, but I got lots of stuff (bag, lens cleaner 2 batteries and 2 chargers, etc.)


You could’ve gotten a T6 for a similar price.


Maybe, but as you can see here…

I don’t think @robertine was looking for a DSLR. (the SX60 does not support interchangeable lenses.)
But yes, if he wanted an actual DSLR, then the T6 would’ve been a nice choice.