Good budget zoom camera


This is actually the best high altitude plane spotting picture i ever took.


Ah, I see. If you want better results, it is necessary to get 60x-zoom and upwards. High altitude spotting is not that easy. I hope to get a good tripod for Christmas.


Thanks :)
I already have a tripod, but what i really need is a good zoom camera.
By the way, thanks for the help!


Another example what the FZ-82 is capable of.


Wow, thank you!


Those are wonderful!


Bad IF photoshop LOL :)


Haha looks at least at the first look real


jetblue a321


very bad quality as you can see…
I don’t even know what that plane is LOL


Are you first navigating the planes on some radar or you only go out and search what plane is visible right now?


I guess it is an a320 family aircraft


I often take photos of what is currently in the sky, but when i see a big one like an a380, i take a peek at flightradar24…


Yes, or an embraer e-jet of some sort…


Loool you can see the Everett field directly from your house?!


No, it’s the little boeing factory, but i’m visiting the everett one tomorrow… COINCIDENCE!


Have fun… This is heaven on earth.


Thanks! I once saw a Ryanair 7378 being fixed after a winglet problem LOL!


I’m a bit jealous, don’t miss the 777x rollout.


I will try my best not to, but when I go there, I can PM you some photos of dreamlifters, antonovs and boeings if you want…