Good budget zoom camera


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I use an entry level DSLR (Canon Rebel T6), but for your budget, it is probably better if you get a point and shoot. Like it said above, make sure it’s optical zoom, not digital.


ok, optical zoom it is!


I just want a camera good enough to be able to take pics of cruising planes from the ground, like this:

High-Altitude Spotting + Moon Pictures | 12/01/18Spotting4h - Today provided clear skies for the beginning of the day over Western Massachusetts, so I took the opportunity to take pictures of some of the aircraft that flew over. As the day progressed, light c…

(But I don’t expect such good quality)


Good luck with that. The Nikon Coolpix he used is pretty much designed to have an amazing zoom. The largest lens I own is a 75-300mm. The Coolpix has a zoom of 3000mm (10x greater than mine).

This video really captures just how incredibly far is goes:

If I were you, I would just spot at an airport like normal. Much cheaper and easier in my opion.


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Sadly the P1000 goes for almost $900, $800 at the cheapest.


So, is the best option a point and shoot with optical zoom (like a FZ70)?


One type of camera that is quite popular today but hasn’t been mentioned is the mirror less camera range. Mirrorless cameras are much lighter, cheaper and smaller than a DSLR and some people even say the shoot as good as a DSLR (I don’t completely agree with that, but I can see it coming close to that level). One great thing about Mirrorless cameras is you can change the lense, meaning the camera grows with you. Although the one I would recommend, the Sony A6000 isn’t exactly in your budget (it’s about 320 dollars), it will be worth the investment as you can add on lenses and even call it your main camera as a more advanced plane spotter. It has some great reviews as well. There are some other great mirrorless cameras though! I’ve linked an article with a list of beginner mirrorless cameras for you to see if you can find a good fit.
Let me know if you have any questions! Hope this helps!
A list of entry level Mirorless Cameras

A review of the A6000 by tech radar


Thank you so much! very helpful.

Indeed, the sony A6000 is out of my budget range, but do you think i should buy a rather point and shoot or wait to get a mirrorless cam?


At this point in time, a mirrorless camera is likely to be up to like 50% more expensive as a DSLR in the same range, and you need specialized lenses if you don’t have an adapter which will also run you some more money.


oh, ok. good to know.


I don’t think it would be quite 10x in real life, bc if you take a 75-300 the difference between 75 and 100 is very noticable bu between 200-300 really isn’t too noticable, and up by the 2000-3000mm range it would be barely noticable at all


I recently got the Canon Powershot SX730 40x it is really awesome


Ok, thanks, i’ll look into it.


i have a canon elph powershot and the zoom is horrible…

(this plane was 150ft away…)


My canon powershot sx730