Good aviation TV programmes?

There is a new series called City in the Skies

You can buy it on PBS:

Or you can be a bad boy and watch it on you tube for free: - YouTube - YouTube


Air Crash Investigation is a good aviation show that also shows a interesting part of history.

This one was great! You should check it out.



but, as mr brandon sansdstrom said, airplane repo is amazing. nice balance of aviation and drama, and it’s really interesting to see the inside of the airplane repo business.

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But that’s on Netflix or Amazon. This is just any aviation show, and newer shows might have been released since your topic.

but people can still say tv shows, and most of the ones here are on netflix and stuff as well. you have no point.

Just asking, are there any shows on Australian tv, thanks

Not at the moment, unfortunately. Hopefully Ready for Takeoff and Airplane Repo will return.

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Well there’s no big deal, this topic has already recieved a considerable amount of replies.

so has mine

I obviously checked to see how many comments were made on your topic before creating that point. Does anyone care? No, so move along.

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I love that program as it features some dangerous airport in the world. And not to mention that some of them are Indonesia’s remote airports 😉

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Same here, great way to see how pilots reacted before disaster!

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Yes. The scenery is very nice in some of those areas

Ultimate airport Dubai. 10/10, hopefully they will make new episodes.

I really enjoyed this series on youtube.

Max mentioned it above.

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I particularly enjoy a show called Airport: Below Zero. It takes place at CYEG (Edmonton Alberta Canada) and it shows day to day operation issues, passenger issues, ground operations and cargo operations. It is available on National Geographic Channel in Alberta but could be different depending on region. Maybe even not available. But if you like what you read then good luck trying to find it.

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