Good ATC in South Cal

I was in So Cal 10 mins ago… Went from LAX tower, handed over to approach, handed over to center, handed over to San Diego approach, then handed over to tower… Every hand off went really well. Good communication and good vectoring the whole way. It felt like real life. So this is just for that team in So Cal… Take a bow! Great job!



We apologize if you were rushed or the 360 I made you do but I can definitely attest to the face that we had the best working this afternoon. Couldn’t be more proud of the ATC team that put in some much needed hours this afternoon and as a MOD we appreciate the feedback.

I’ll pass your thanks on to the ones I know who were on during your time 😎


Thanks man. I’ve been controlling there all afternoon, and it’s great to hear someone appreciating our efforts.


Thanks for your nice words, LR! Really appreciate it.


Thank you. Always a pleasure helping out a pro. (Center)


Totally agree with you, just flew KSAN-KONT in a Airbus A318 and the ATC was great! Thanks again to the IFATC team!

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Hey @Heavydriver all good with the 360. It shows me that you were paying attention. If I was too high or had get in formation for a landing. Either way I had no problems with it. There are some really good ATCs like @JeebakR for example but today everyone was the level of expertise! Good stuff guys!


I flew a few times. Was exceptional service truly!

I thought for a while you where talking about PG…

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