Good article in Pilot Magazine ERJ 190 @EGLC

Just to say Pilot magazine (Nov 2016 issue), possibly in the UK only, has a great article.
It’s a day in the life of a BA city flyer pilot based at London City Airport. What’s great is that he talks step by step takeoff and approach. Altitude, speed and flap settings in the ERJ 190. Plus atc chatter.
It’s interesting to me because of the steep approach at EGLC. Plus it’s a standing start on the brakes.
I read it and then tried it step by step using his method. I’m addicted to EGLC now. I didn’t appreciate the skill needed to fly to and from this airport until I read this.
He was flying to Bergerac and back, and then Edinburgh return in a day.

Anyway. Well worth a read. In my opinion. Possibly can be viewed online, but likely at a price.
£3.99 for the mag.


I really like Airliner World, do you read that?


No never read. Does it give in depth flight info? I really want to replicate the flights accurately.

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Will have to look out for that one. I rotate between Flight Int, Pilot and Airliner world depending what’s on sale at the different shops in my area!


Not really it’s more like the news of everything Aviation of your into that stuff, I find it more interesting hence why I read that


Best Magazine


I think it would be nice on the ERJ-190 cockpit in IF haha
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