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Yes we have differences in language, well accepted that but, having people give themselves away because I criticize things that is too much. If you do not like it just pull me out. Now we go the good things KFSO went to this airport after two years I speak in Infinite flyght and yesterday I had a pleasant surprise is another airport. It remained clean would say almost perfect if it had houses, building would be incredible, Congratulations to who remade. I always have the A380 my favorite plane and landed smooth and quiet was great.
Now I wonder would not it be possible to put some kind of damage on the aircraft so that the ill-mannered pilots stopped going inside each other? I think they lack education and respect for some. I know I can fly on the Expert but I do not like it.
I read about the new updates and once again congratulations renew and innovate is always good.
So I’m happy with my infinite flyght but still waiting for the A380 to get a panel that appears at night and a closed cabin because you can see the hole (I’m smiling):>) but I will continue with the A380 even if it is not manufactured.
Good flight to all we see in the sky infinite

I’m quite sure all of these things you are asking are in the #features section. Feel free to search up what you want to look for and cast a vote. 👍🏻


thank you I’ll look better but the compliment is not even the requests.

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I have no idea what this is saying. Did you use google translate?

He is talking about that he likes the A380 and that he doesn’t like Expert Server and rather stay in TS although the people taxiing into him are possible lacking education and respect towards other pilots, like him. Additionally, it would be good if people were to not troll as it is not fun. And that the game is great since we updates arrive every so often bringing new things to IF. He also says that he would still fly the A380 even when production ends. Lastly, he would like to see the A380 sort of reworked, a couple of things needs to be added, which there is a features request for to vote on ;)

Take a look here, and cast vote on it if you haven’t already since you seem to really like the A380 :)

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I have a broker who keeps changing what I type alone trying to stop.

Thank you, that’s what I said

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