Good Airport Charts

Hi All.

Today I come with a question for people who enjoy a more realistic IF experience.

What is the best app/site for up to date airport charts? It must also include a worldwide airport coverage (Doesn’t just focus on Europe/North America)
I’d love it if some real world pilots also share what they use. (Even if it does cost a bit)

Thanks all.

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I use VirtualHub.

It’s probably the best aviation app I’ve ever used. It has charts, maps, flight planner and more!


If you’re willing to invest money, try Navigraph.

If you don’t care how much it’s gonna cost, go get your own Jeppesen subscription.


For on the USA, nothing’s better that Airnav

Fir outside, I have a source for most if Europe and the rest I search by airport

For Europe I simply use the free charts from for both, flying and airport editing


I use Navigraph for charts and for updating my AIRAC cycle with

For America Skyvector. For Canada Garmin pilot or caps. For everywhere else Google “(ICAO) Charts” for jeppesen pdfs

I usually search “(ICAO code) Ifr plates” then I click on the one on flight aware


They have very limited coverage. @Philippe_Gilbert

Rarely any non-US airports covered

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yeah I just realized that

I usually search for: eAIP (country)

Or install the completely free app ‘Airmate’. Somebody at IFAE gave it to me. Almost all the airports are there, you can find all the active NOTAMs etc.

For all Australian airports 👇

They have coverage for pretty much any European airport.

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