Good A350 Cruise Speed?

What is a good cruising speed for an A359 at 30,000 feet? I’m flying to Dubai from Los Angeles.

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I would recommend M0.85 as your cruising speed.


A good crusing speed for a A350 is normally in between M 0.83-M 0.85


M 0.86 is the most fuel-economical cruise speed in IF.

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A350 Cruise speed is M0.85 not more ,not less


I do .85 long haul or not. I would however recommend step climbing, to conserve fuel… unless the winds are crazy good lower. Just my thoughts. Have a great flight!

but im looking for a slow speed cuz I want it to be 15 hrs

right now it hasn’t been an hr and it says 12

Leave it at M 0.85 for now because it will change during the flight! The winds could get gusty and your flight time will go down!

So if the winds go away the flight. time goes more time?

That depends on if it is a headwind or tailwind.

That is my location I don’t know the winds there

Just taking general winds into account on your route, I think your flight time will decrease throughout the flight due to jet streams over the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore if you want a longer flight time I would lower mach speed to M .82 or .83, since I don’t believe the winds will become slower, rather I think you will pick up a strong tailwind, making your flight time even shorter!

Gust isn’t a factor at his altitude. I recommend using and follow its speed to get an accurate ETE.

You can find more A350 specs here:

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