Gonzous’ ATC Tracking Thread [PERMANENTLY CLOSED]

Thanks good to hear positive feedback for once :) lol

Yeah well it shows you’ve actually been taking on board what others have been telling you :)

Thank you Jack,
EGLC now closed


Everything very good especially sequencing. But give way command was given after the taxi clearance. Next time you give “Give way” command first.



That’s funny one (A380 at London City bouncing off the grass lol)

The a380 was a rouge, I send 2 on guard messages but he never came onto the frequency.

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Classic Training Server 😂 Good luck with your exam so you can forget about those;)


No not necessarily. Give way can be given after taxi.

You must’ve taken it by now! How did you do?

I’m actually taking it tomorrow because my recruiter told me the times in AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time) and im in AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). But I don’t blame him, it was an honest mistake.

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Oh fair enough, well again… good luck 😉

Who’s your recruiter? Was it Sam K? Guessed that because he told you the times in Australian times, and he’s the only Australian recruiter.

Yeah Sam is my recruiter.

KSJC now open, feedback would be appreciated.
Also if you could request runway changes that would be nice. 😎

Edit: Now closed

This topic can be closed :)
I’m going to create a new one for my upcoming approach and departure training.

Congratulations on IFATC! Can’t wait to sse you control the skies :)

I became an IFATC 22 days ago 😂
I just forgot to update this thread.

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