Gonzous’ ATC Tracking Thread [PERMANENTLY CLOSED]

This is my ATC tracking thread, I want to practice patterns for my IFATC practical test :D.

If you can give me feedback about my performance, positive or negative would be very much appreciated. I’ll mainly be using EGLC (London City).

EGLC, tower and ground open

Edit: Closed now

Is “Marshall” yourself?

I came and I have a few tips / feedback

  • When you clear someone for traffic pattern , you dont need to repeat it. As I took off after a 2nd time doing my traffic pattern, there is no need to say “enter left downwind or after option, make whatever traffic as I am remaining in the same pattern unless given otherwise”
  • This one really isn’t big as it is option but when I say im on final full stop, you could just say roger as you already cleared me for the option. Your pattern sequencing was there and you’ll have a lot of potential if you take in what we have to say! Good job controlling! Consider joining ATCEG ;)
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Thanks for the feedback 😁

And yes my name is Marshall

EGLC open again, tower and ground.
EDIT: Closed now because of the noobs

KNUC is now open, so come in do some patterns and feedback would be very much appreciated.

I’ll come along in a second, I’ll give you feedback to the best of my ability at least. See you there (Speedbird 226)!

Awesome, Ill be waiting

KNUC is now closed,.

Ok, so not quite sure what happened there 😂 One minute the 747 was far behind me, the next minute it was ramming me! This would obviously be a definite fail for the practical test.

So, what could you have done to prevent this near miss from happening?

Before I turned base, and our two paths converged in the first place, one thing you could have done was told me to extend downwind, and sequence me for number 2 behind the 747 instead of in front. This would have allowed the 747 to land and clear the runway before me, as he was a “heavy”, which means he would probably have a higher airspeed than me, in my measly little Citation X.

However, since the aircraft called inbound after I entered the final phase of my pattern, you should have sent the 747 the command to “go around” as soon as you noticed he was going faster than me. If two aircraft are on final for the same runway, the aircraft which is lower on the approach always has the right of way. One major thing the recruiters look for during testing is the ability to recognise a potential danger or collision and act accordingly, before it even comes close to a collision or incident.

However, it is not just your fault. It is also the pilot’s responsibility to realise that he is about to crash, and in this case, go around. The 747 pilot should not have tried to continue the approach, and he should have announced go around as soon as he recognised the potential danger.

To finish off, the rest of your controlling was great. I like how you didn’t re-clear me to land, when I said I was on right downwind for a full stop, after you cleared me for the option. This is a thing that a lot of controllers do that isn’t necessary, and it really annoys me for some reason (I don’t know why 🤷‍♂️). Anyway, keep on practicing, and eventually you will get there. It took me ages to get through the whole testing process because I was that bad.


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I instructed the 747 to go around but he didn’t respond -_-. He checked in when you were already on base and I panicked a bit. I told him to slow right down as slow as possible so that you’d land first but he continued inbound at 180 knots which TRIGGERED me.
Anyway thanks for the feedback, and I am retaking the test today so wish me luck.

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Haha yeah lol that gets annoying when people don’t follow instructions! Once you pass your test, you can ghost people like that anyway so they don’t get in the way.

How did your test go? If you haven’t taken it yet good luck!

I’m taking it today if there is enough participants.

If I can come I will but I think we must be in different time zones

Im in AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

EGLC, tower and ground now open. This will most likely be my last post because i’ve got my IFATC practical test tomorrow. Feedback would be really appreciated. :D

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That makes more sense, I’m at the other side of the world (UK).

I’ll come along in a few minutes after breakfast.

@Gonzous it’s not showing you as active on here

Lol yep I’ve spawned in but I’ll have to go in a sec for breakfast, but I’ll be back

Sorry I had to go again.

You did a great job! Keep controlling like that and you’ll smash the test easily. Just one thing though, try to sequence aircraft as early as you can. I usually sequence them as soon as they leave the tarmac and begin their crosswind turn.

Good luck on your test mate, and thanks for your service :)