Gonzous’ Approach ATC Training Thread [CLOSED]


Some of you will know that i’m an IFATC and i’m going to start training to become an IFATC approach and departure controller soon. I am going to use this thread in order to get some practical experience under my belt with approach (mainly). I will be using the training server so please don’t come to be a troll.

As before feedback would be greatly appreciated so I can improve and become a better controller. :)

Airport Currently Open: N/A

Closing At: N/A

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OMDB appr and departure open
Edit: now closed

Following so I know when you open again.

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Same here, I will stop by when I’m available

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I’m opening PHNL approach and departure in 50 - 1 hours time. Stay tuned for that!

PHNL approach and departure open!

Feel free to come inbound from another airspace or do some radar patterns :)

Coming down in 10 mins, I had you on expert a few days ago remaining in the pattern and hope to see you take the next step to IFATC

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Sorry, I just closed up then.

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