Gonna try high altitude landing on IF!

Just saw an array of aircrafts doing FACT-FAOR route in liveflight and decided to join in! But, realized that FAOR is actually 5558ft in elevation!

Now, being the 737-800 die hard fan, I always love how IF always remain accurate on a lot of things, including the last time I did high altitude landing in an event (forgot which one) - the high speed warning on approach did scream out just like the youtube IRL reference video! I love IF!

So here are some helpful hints for yall once you reach FAOR, hopefully this info will also help me not to mess up my second time I try this on a 737 at 5558ft. Happy flying folks!

The max altitude for takeoff and landing for the 737 is 8,400 feet according to the limitations in our manuals at American. I don’t know if there are any differences for other 737s to do high altitude operations.

For approach and landing, your groundspeed will be much higher than indicated, so the descent will be shallower on final, flaps 40, and autobrake 3 , and with a higher throttle setting than landing at a lower airport… On landing, your groundspeed will be so fast it will give you the illusion that you’re approaching at too high a speed…

That’s what high altitude airport training is all about, trusting what the instruments tell you rather than the sensations you’ll be experiencing just like in IMC weather. And don’t forget that for the reasons mentioned, your maximum takeoff weight is less than at normal altitude, so if you are having trouble taking off, throw some passengers or cargo overboard.

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Source 2: Tutorial: Why flying at high altitude airports is a challenge


Okay, taking off right now from Cape Town, see you in Johannesburg, happy flying friends!

(edit: just realized that I often flew to KDEN a lot, which must meant that I do high elevation landings a lot too, not just twice! I only just realize it lol. And I just parked at FAOR, at a very familiar spot, which meant I must’ve done it before as well🤦‍♂️ Sorry for the correction folks)


Ngl, I’ve nearly crashed before because I’ve forgotten the altitude of the airport.

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Yea me too lol! Always forgetting that one does not capture ILS at 4000ft…

…at Denver airport! :D :D :D

It also helps to input your dest airport elevation too, nowadays I make use of VNAV descending to whatever degree of nose pitch required before disengaging A/P - because in 2022 with all low graphics settings my phone is now officially a potato.

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