Gonna need some ATC at 9:00PM CST at DFW

I will be doing a night flight to LHR with my 5 aircraft:

BA192 B78X
AA20 B77W
AA50 B772 OG
AA78 B772 OW
AA80 B789

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Hey. If your on training server, please make a request here

Hello! Just to let you know, openings are based on a first come first serve basis.

Good day!

He was asking for DFW, not EGLL.

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He’s also heading to EGLL.

The first come first serve basis doesnt matter here, it depends on if someone will open it or not

Take this to PM’s please 👍

Expert server ATC don’t take requests when it comes to opening. We are volunteers that will open when we can and try to staff airports when needed/possible, but like I said, don’t take requests.

If on Training server, use the thread above :)

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To add on to the above you can also use #live:groupflights or #live:events and put the ATC-needed tag in.