Gonna be practicing ATC in TX

Here are the 8 things I am going to operate
KIAH Tower and Ground
KHOU Tower and Ground
KAUS Tower and Ground
KDFW Tower and Ground
KDAL Tower and Ground
Austin Approach and Departure
Houston Approach and Departure
Houston Center and Dallas Center

I want see how caustic it is to be an ATC user so I can see why LHR and other Airports have to use both runways as the same thing let me know how I do get your flight plans ready and be prepared if you want realism use FPLtoIF.com for flight plans and FR24 for traffic and please no patern work go do that somewhere else. I will be commence in 15-30 minutes and I will be controlling for at least an hour

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Hello @pilotcharles737!

I suggest you make an ATC Tracking Thread if your going to do something like this on the training server with specific requests.

You can follow this guide on how to make one:

The Tracking Thread is good because you can edit it whenever your open and change any details whenever you like without having to make a new topic for each session, if you are going to do this again :)

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Thank you for the heads up I will do that next time

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ATC tracking threads are the best option.