Gone Replays

Hi, i had all my replays randomly deleted after 24.1.
Any possibilty to get them back

Samsung A14 5G
Android 5.0
One UI core V13


Help please.

Hey there!

Replays disappearing after 24.1 is a known issue. If you just updated to 24.1 on Android, your replays prior to 24.1 will not be accessible. The reason for this is not known at this time, and there is no way to get them back. Sorry about that!

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Jan said that it was being worked on and and that the files are still there.
Do you know if that is true?

It is true, me and Jan were investigating it together. They are just not accessible in IF, and due to how IF works, there’s no known way to access them externally either.

And have yo and Jan made any progress or am i just beating a dead horse?

The issue has been reported internally, but as I said in my initial response, there’s no further information on it at this time.

Oh thanks, let me know if it gets solved soon.