GOLVA official thread - First VA in Brazil to be approved !!

Hi Guys.

My name is Wendel and I’m the CEO of Gol Airlines VA and I’m here to announce it.
We are the first VA approved in Brazil, so we are expecting many Brazilian members, but all are welcome in our VA. We were founded on January 18, 2018 by me, with the help of my friends!

How se Work ?

Well, to explain it, let’s divide it into 4 processes.

1-fill out our form to enter. As soon as you are approved, to log in, you will receive an email with our link to the discord server.

2-after entering the group, use our app and read our manual, called “Pilot Manual” where explains how to behave and what pilots need to know to have a great experience in our VA.

3-we set a limit of weekly flight (2 hours per week) to do so with the aircraft you are authorized to fly, so you can enjoy being with us in the best possible way.

4-within the group we always have several activities to do, that are interesting because you are in a friendly competition. One of these activities is to go to events where members can earn double the amount of hours (twice the flight time of the event). Another example is the pilot test for you to become a pilot and gain a foothold. To show this achievement, we have various other forms of entertainment that you will discover after joining the group. All this is explained better in our Manual!

We communicate in discord,but why?

As we consider the best group chat in the market, thanks to voice channels and bots.
The server can only be accessed if you go through the approval process in VA, as explained up there!

Our Website

At the moment, this is our site, on this site you will find the main information on the Gol Airlines VA!!!

Our Fleet

Training aircraft: Cessna Citation X

Boeing 737-700 (Gol livery)

Boeing 737-800 (Gol Airlines Livery 2018)

Boeing 737max 8
(Simulation Photo)
And when added to the IF, we will also use our 737 max 8 !!
The levels of our aircraft are on our site!
We use other virtual companies that have partnered with GOL, which consists of sharing routes and aircraft. We call it “Codeshare”.

Note: we have this detailed information on our website , manual the pilot and our app.


GOLva operates mostly domestic flights, but we also have well-known international routes!
See below the list of international destinations:

  • ASU - Asunción;
  • AEP - Aeroparque - Buenos Aires;
  • EZE - Ezeiza - Buenos Aires;
  • SCL - Santiago - Chile;
  • MDZ - Mendoza;
  • MVD - Montevideo;
  • PUJ - Punta Cana;
  • COR - Córdoba;
  • PBM - Paramaribo;
  • VVI - Santa Cruz de La Sierra;
  • ROS - Rosary;
  • MIA - Miami;
  • MCO - Orlando.
    Our international routes are sure to increase as soon as the 737max 8 reaches the IF !!

Last route map update for Gol !!

Our Team

CEO-Wendel Santos

COO-we are looking for someone qualified to occupy this position, but (just temporarily it is João Sousa, aka Narruto_Mieumieu

Moderator: Fellipe Eduardo

CREATIVE TEAM: all members (we have a guide of suggestions and opinions so that we can evaluate the ideas of pilots who can share their thoughts in many different ways).


Our Ranks

Trainee pilot(00 to 6 hours)

First officer (6-11 hours)

Captain (11-20hours)

Senior Captain (20 to 50 hours)

Commander (50 to 85 hours)

Senior Commander (85 to 130 hours)

VIP commander (130 to 149 hours)

INSTRUCTOR (150 hours or by invitation procedure)

In this patent (Instructor), the pilot will be trained to instructa new pilot, becoming a member of our STAFF team.

Requirements to be a part of Our VA

To have a valid email address
• Be active
• Comply with 2 hours of flight time per week
• Have more than 50 hours flown in IF

Our Goal

Our goal and what makes our VA only and good,
Our goal is to bring the pilots to Golva’s virtual reality, fulfilling our duty to make the simulation more interesting and real.We are “open doors” for pilots from all over Brazil and the world.

What makes our unique and high quality VA?

1-First, our commitment to bring the simulation of reality.

2-we have as a priority the obligation to simulate seriously, without assaulting our pilots, trying to be flexible with each situation that our pilots live so great friendships and pilots in love!!

3-we have a team that is ready for new challenges and problems, so if anything happens promptly, will be adopted to make the best of it!

4-we’re always thinking of new ideas to make the VA updated, using the ideas of our own members, so if anyone has an idea that could really improve the VA, we will discuss with our managers to meet the wishes of our members.

5-we have polls to be able to interact more with the public,in case our drivers! In these research pilots leave youropinion being so with democracy in the group.

6-we have multiple platforms to ease the lives of our pilots, examples; Where are the most important stuff for a pilot of Golva, tutorials and videos on YouTube, the site is where it contains all the information about the VA, • Instagram where the photos of our events are posted!

7-Internal Education: Here in GOLVA we have a flight school where more experienced pilots can help answering the questions of our younger riders, therefore a member helping another. In this school pilots study and if they have doubts, our instructors will clear it for them. Take your power “wallet” of pilot checked, and as I said above, they go through a theoretical and practical test (notrequired). We also have a manual of conduct where we send our pilots all the information on how it works, how to interact within the Group and others. This manual has helped our pilots understand how our VA works and how to behave in it.

Our Slogan

“Gol Airlines VA, bringing you the reality”

Our Social Networks

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bj2OAk5gb5E/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1um7k3nu8w8uq
Youtube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCbgYIAcCZN8xcIu1MABcZw

why Participate ?

Because we are the first approved Brazilian VA, we are also quite welcoming in our VA. Our main goals are to bring reality to the pilot, to also be friends with pilot understanding different situations that life brings, so we’re always open to discussions we are always doing events, polls because we want our pilot feel the urge to fly, be active and etc. Here on pilot’s opinion Golva is always heard and discussed, we are open to suggestions and questions!
Not sure to be part of our VA, our fleet of aircraft is small but our heart is huge!!

thumbnail IFVARB Approved

We hope to have you onboard with us!
~ CEO Wendel Santos


Very cool to see Brazil representing in the infinite flight, congratulations for the conquest


Awesome to see a South American VA in business! Good luck!


Just an FYI, it might just be me but I’m getting a 404 error on your website ;)


@Kevin_Potthast and me have the same issue…

Really nice VA, everything put together marvelously and congratulations on getting approved!!


All the effort has finally payed off, congratulations Wendel!!


Congratulations to the goal, our main goal as myself and other riders, and take the simulation of Infinite flighit seriously, any beginners are welcome! 😉😊

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Try again, I made the link !!

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Thanks for the support messages, guys !! Everyone at VA thanks :)


é uma felicidade muito grande poder ter uma empresa brasileira na comunidade um orgulho brasileiro



We are recruiting new pilots for VA.
Check our website for more info !!


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