GOL's constantly updating livery history - Wackier than you might think!

Context: Together with some extreme boredom, I uploaded this image on another forum and claimed this was one of GOL’s old liveries:

Someone asked me what exactly is old on this livery. The person thought GOL only had a small handful of liveries (possibly the old white-engine livery, the orange-engine livery and the 2015 reworked livery seen above*). As I researched further, I ended up in an absolute hellhole of liveries few people are aware they even existed (though they’re mostly minor or very minor changes).
* That’s not exactly the 2015 livery, as you’ll see later.

Note 1: I’ll try to make it as organized as possible, however this is quite a messy history, so don’t worry if you end up getting lost.

Note 2: I did my best to find every single livery GOL has had, however, given how messy this is, there could still be a few that might’ve slipped through my radar. If you find anything not listed here, feel free to share!

First Generation (2001-2015)

According to my source (airliners.net and an article that has sadly been removed from the internet (though it did have problems, as well as having been posted before the second generation of liveries)), this was the very first livery GOL has had. This was also an extremely rare livery, featuring only on this single aircraft across the entire website:


At about the same time this livery was unvailed, they already created a new livery, which is a slight rework of the livery above, featuring an entirely orange tail (whereas the previous one had a white dorsal fin), as well as “Boeing 737-700” titles on the nose:

Interestingly, this livery featured GOL’s telephone number on the starboard side and their website on the port side:

If you found the logos a bit weird, that’s because they are. The next iteration of the livery features the less-italic logos everyone knows, as well as a different font for the telephone number, registration, and, as you’ll see shortly, the website. Below is a comparison between the old and new liveries:



At about this time, GOL realised they had to think bigger, and started receiving their first 737-800s. Here’s the first livery to be applied on a -800 (the same livery seen above on the -700). Notice the slight change in the website font:

This livery was short-lived, though, as a change would soon be applied exclusively on the -800: The “GOL” titles would be moved away from the L1/R1 doors.

The next set of changes would be the inclusion of the 2 final letters of the registration on the vertical stabilizer:

The next change saw their phone number being phased out completely, with the website taking its place (this also seems to be the first livery worn by a 737 with winglets):

This specific variant was quite short-lived as well, as they would soon ditch the “.br” ending from the website:

For you who haven’t kept track, this is their 8th livery, and likely where most people think GOL’s livery history starts. The next set of changes saw the winglets getting a bigger logo closer to the base, as opposed to the previous logo right at the middle, as well as a new registration font:

Before we move onto the next livery, I’d just like to reiterate how messy this history is. Seen here is a 737-700 with the less-italic titles on the fuselage still wearing the old, more italic logo on the tail many years after that logo was supposed to have been phased out:

After many attempts, finally a livery that stood the test of time. For a few years, at least, as the biggest change yet would come in the early 2010s: Orange engines!

You may be wondering “where’s GOL+ in all of that history?” Well, GOL+ isn’t exactly a “new” livery, as there have been white-engined planes featuring the GOL+ logo. For those who are unaware, GOL+ planes are basically flying advertisements for GOL’s “premium economy”, GOL+ Conforto.

Second Generation (2015-Present)

Okay, enough tweaking, let’s make a completely new livery from the ground up. That’s what GOL probably thought when receiving their 100th owned 737. Seen below is the original 2015 scheme:

It wouldn’t take long until the first changes popped up. If you look closely, there is an “XZ” on the tail, however it’s extremely hard to read. Naturally, the colour of the tail letters was changed from dark grey/silver to white. The registration on the fuselage also became bolder:

For their 12th livery, they, quite unfortunately, decided to get rid of the dark grey/silver, replacing it with a much more boring light grey:

Next, for the first time in their history, GOL would remove all sorts of contacting the airline on the exterior livery of their aircraft. There’s also been yet another change in registration font:

Not long after, the airline decided to get rid of all of the dark grey/silver, replacing everything with light grey:

The next change was also quite small, but at the same time absolutely necessary. GOL stated that the change in the logo represents how their passion is to bring people together (likely just marketing), or something along those lines, as well as making sure the airline’s name wasn’t mispronounced as “GOOL” (which is most likely the sole reason for the change):

The final change was a simple registration font change (yes, again), leading us to the most up-to-date livery I found:

Before finishing the topic off, I’d just like to point out this very interesting hybrid livery (again to show the mess that has been GOL’s livery history), featuring the latest logo and latest registration font, but still featuring the old dark grey/silver tail:

Thanks for riding on this roller-coaster journey with me as I tried to kill my boredom!


That’s a lot lol


That was quite interesting and informative. Most airlines typically have 2-3 changes, but 16 seems a lot. However, most of GOL’s were slight changes, not a new livery.


Especially when you consider the airline has been around for just a little over 20 years. By the way, it was 16 changes. 😉


Very interesting! Love this topic!


Little bump to show off a little bit of extra mess. As I did a little more spotting, I noticed this very interesting oddball in the fleet. PR-GEQ features the 2nd to last registration font and the new logo, as well as the light grey tail, however, very surprisingly, this logo features the old dark grey/silver instead of the light grey you’d expect it to have. Compare that with the 737-800 above it, wearing the old logo with the light grey “O”:


Take a look at this topic @joaonoaviao


WOW!!! Lots of liveries!? I fly with Gol quite often but never noticed those small changes. 😱


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