GolferRyan's Approach ATC Training Thread [CLOSED]

Hello everyone,

As most of you know, I am an IFATC controller, and I am now training for Approach Control. I’ll be open at various airports over the coming weeks as I prepare for my upcoming tests.



Please drop by and test my skills. :)


Will you be on in about an hour and a half?

Probably not, but maybe

IFR patterns are allowed, encouraged even

Well probably not tonight then, sorry!

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Be there in 5. Callsign: N1BB

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Visiblilty’s 3SM, can’t do a visual

When are you closing?

When i feel like it.

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I’m thinking of doing SLC-COS.

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You should be able to

Then that is what I’ll do. I’ll see you in about an hour-ish.

I tried to find anything to criticise but I didn’t find anything.
The ATCing was perfect. You mainted appropriate seperation between all the aircraft and you also left enough space behind me for me to vacate the runway and allow the aircraft behind to land, his callsign was Delta [something].

The Tower and ground controller was absolutely useless though. Whilst I was tuned to approach on left base the tower send me an on guard -_-. Then just before I was handed off to tower, ground sent me an on guard WHEN I WAS AIRBORNE.

Anyways i’ll stop ranting before I get really triggered.
Good Luck on your Approach and Departure Test :)

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Sorry my man, gotta close up for now. :/ How far out are you?

About 489 miles out.

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During your approach training, should we come at a nearby airport so you could vector us or takeoff from the airport your in use with

Doesn’t really matter. Whatever you prefer

Hello everyone, I’m currently open at…


Runways: 35R & 35L

Clear weather - Fly a visual approach if you like… :)

Practicing with terrain awareness and other stuff, please drop by. :)

wish I could, but im controlling rn. How long will you be open?

About an hour probably