GolferRyan’s Approach Training [NOW CLOSED] @ KFLL - TS1

Hey guys, I’m opening up KIAD on TS1 if you’d like to drop by. Practicing to be IFATC.

Will be there shortly for probably 3 touch and goes N868DB

Why did you keep sending duplicate messages?

Is your WiFi not working or something? I wasn’t getting any messages from when I was on final I reported every leg and never heard or got clearance so I didn’t know what was happening?

I have no idea, i gave you multiple clearances and asked you multiple times to avoid sending duplicate messages

that’s weird because there were other aircraft that weren’t responding at all. I’m using LTE, is that a problem?

No it shouldn’t try a reinstall

If you haven’t reinstalled yet try to restart your phone @FlyFi had the same problem just a simple restart of his phone did it for him


I’m opening up KFLL right now if you want to drop by. :)

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Spawning at KFLL to do some patterns. :)

Smooth instructions and timely responded. Good luck on becoming a IFATC!

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Opening up KFLL right now for about an hour. Come fly some patterns. Need some practice for my IFATC practical next week.

See you in a sec. American 127

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Overall not bad! Just 3 small things:

  1. Your responses were kind of slow. Not a big deal, really, but people on the Expert server expect a lot and they don’t want to wait 30 seconds for a response if you’re able to talk to them quicker.

  2. When I was on left downwind for 10L and requested a change to 10R, you gave me a left base entry which was correct, but when you cleared me for the option, you didn’t specify traffic direction. If you intended for me to stay on left traffic, that’s alright, but otherwise you should have said right traffic. The BEST option in this scenario would be to have me switch to right traffic on 10R so my pattern doesn’t conflict with the traffic on 10L.

  3. I forgot. So obviously it wasn’t a big deal what the third one was haha.

Anyway, there wasn’t really a lot of traffic for me to REALLY test you, but I’m sure you’ll do fine. Seems like you understand pretty much everything, and you’ll continue to learn more and more, even once you become IFATC.

Good luck! We’ll see you on the Expert server.

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Thank you for coming sir. I appreciate your feedback and intend to fix those things. :)

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This topic can now be closed as I have become IFATC! Hope to see you all on Expert! :)

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