Golden Hour Spotting @ KSNA

Hey IFC! Ok, now that I have my usual greeting out of the way. I decided to try something new and make an IF “Spotting” #screenshots-and-videos post. I wanted to pick the best airport in the world, which is clearly John Wayne Int’l Airport (aka my home airport). I chose to spot the majority of the airlines serving the airport and some of the many aircraft used. If I picked them all this would be way more than 10 pictures.

Server: Solo
Airport: KSNA
Time: Golden Hour (sunset)
Aircraft: A lot

An American Airlines bound for DFW

Another American takes off for Chicago O’hare

This Southwest exiting runway 20R after a quick flight from the State Capitol

A United (new livery) 737 bound for Houston Intercontinental

An Alaska Ex-Virgin America A320 arrives from Sea-Tac

This Frontier taking off for Denver with the moon rising in the background

A Delta 757 from ATL over the numbers

Lastly, a WestJet departing for Vancouver

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  • Aerial view of the Airport

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Thanks for stopping by!


Awesome pictures man!!

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Thank you!
Thought it was something different compared to the usual!

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This is really cool and interesting man, thanks for posting!

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Thank you!

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Let me know what you’d like me to post next!

  • Australian Outback
  • _____ from 100,000ft

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Anything from high up looks great! Here are the alps.


Ok cool! Yeah I have an idea of a little known location

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