Golden Hour Spotting @ KDEN!

Hello IFC this might be one of my first to come spotting topics, but I had to drop a family member off at the airport today, so I brought my new canon rebel T07 camera along for the ride!

I was not disappointed at all by the results!

First up is a Delta A321 at the A gates at Denver International! The damn fence blocked my full shot!!

Next up a Southwest B737-700 taxing to runway 26 for departure (I did not have my FR24 out to know the destination sadly)

One of my favorite shots I got is a Southwest B737 landing on runway 25. Landing on runway 25 is very rare accordance!

Same Southwest plane lading but we now have a tail shot of the plane! In the background, we have a United Evo Blue CRJ-200 holding short of Runway 25!

Last but not least we have a nice line of planes preparing to take off on runway 25!

Well, that’s it for my first spotting topic I think. Any advice is welcome I’m still learning with all the settings and stuff on the camera. I’m also still learning how to use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to edit!

See you next time for a Denver spotting topic!!


Really cool pictures!


lovley pictures 😍😍😍


Thank you @IFBLOGS & @N908QD!!


great pictures and great airport keep it up 👍


Great pics! I use a canon rebel T6 it’s a great cameras series


Great pictures there! Love the Southwest 737 Max 7

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Guess one-handed spotting worked, eh? Nice pictures!

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well ya, I mean one-handed controlling and flying is out of the option for a little bit longer!

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@g100m @Aviatorwyatt @canton @Rhys_V

Thanks for saying great pics! I try my best to edit them!

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Denver international airport is a location within Infinite flight that I would like to visit from the following airports: San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas,Houston, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Toronto and Miami.

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Hey man nice shots if you want some better spots I can help you with that. I’ve been spotting at DEN for 3 years now

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If you’re ever taking a flight from DEN there is a spotters area right behind the security checkpoint

If you could please DM me, I would love to hear! When I normally spot at KDEN I go to the parking garages.

It’s all good! They look very awesome

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