Golden Hour Spotting @EHAM | 1-1-21


For New Years I went to a small village near Schiphol. The holidays consisted of me being at Schiphol all weekend, so here were the best of my photos. Sadly, the other days’ weather was terrible; bad lighting, rain. This day was the last time I was going to Schiphol, and arguably my best photos from my stay there.

Airport OPS

Runway in use: 18R (Polderbaan)
Date: 2021-01-01T13:45:00Z2021-01-01T15:15:00Z

Camera Equipment

Canon Eos 2000d + Tamron AF70-300mm f/4-5.6

Kicking off today’s topic is VQ-BLR, an AirBridgeCargo Boeing 747-8F.

Flight Information

Aircraft: Boeing 747-8HV(F)
Airline: AirBridgeCargo
Registration: VQ-BLR
Serial number: 37668
Flight number: RU451
Aircraft Age: 8 years, March 2012

PH-EXW using aerodynamic braking to slow down on this 12,500ft runway.

Flight Information

Aircraft: Embraer E175STD
Airline: KLM Cityhopper
Registration: PH-EXW
Serial number: 17000710
Flight number: KL1602
Aircraft Age: 2 years, January 2018

An easyJet A320 slowing down after a short hop from Copenhagen.

Flight Information

Aircraft: Airbus A320-214
Airline: easyJet Europe
Registration: OE-INE
Serial number: 7750
Flight number: U27922
Aircraft Age: 3 years, June 2017

Next up is a Boeing 777 freighter belonging to China Southern Cargo.

Flight Information

Aircraft: Boeing 777-F1B
Airline: China Southern Cargo
Registration: B-2010
Serial number: 41634
Flight number: U27922
Aircraft Age: 6 years, December 2014

With the windturbines creating a nice backdrop, I decided to include this shot of PH-BHI.

Flight Information

Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Airline: KLM
Registration: KL686
Serial number: 38755
Flight number: KL686
Aircraft Age: 4 years, September 2016

Another queens of the skies!

Flight Information

Aircraft: Boeing 747-4R7(F)
Airline: Cargolux
Registration: LX-OCV
Serial number: 29731
Flight number: MP6142
Aircraft Age: 21 years, June 1999

For the first 737 of the day is PH-HXE, wearing one of my favourite Transavia liveries: the normal one.

Flight Information

Aircraft: Boeing 737-8K2
Airline: Transavia
Registration: PH-HXE
Serial number: 61790
Flight number: HV6412
Aircraft Age: 4 years, June 2016

TAP Air Portugal A320 with some nice engine lighting showing off its sexy CFM LEAP-1A26s.

Flight Information

Aircraft: Airbus A320-251N
Airline: TAP Air Portugal
Registration: CS-TVA
Serial number: 8043
Flight number: TP674
Aircraft Age: 2 years, March 2018

And again a normal livery I really like: Royal Air Maroc, one of the only airlines that kept a retro-styled livery.

Flight Information

Aircraft: Boeing 737-8B6
Airline: Royal Air Maroc
Registration: CN-ROA
Serial number: 33059
Flight number: AT850
Aircraft Age: 16 years, February 2004

And wrapping things up we have PH-EZX wearing the special skyteam livery. Looks great on the E190.

Flight Information

Aircraft: Embraer E190STD
Airline: KLM
Registration: PH-EZX
Serial number: 19000545
Flight number: KL1474
Aircraft Age: 8 years, April 2012

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Thanks for visiting!


Royal Air Maroc is 🤤 the rest look like they were taken by you so I had to rate them a 1

echt zieke foto’s man! 😍
You were lucky having sunshine 😂


I agree

Nobody likes you Ryan😘

dankje man!

Haha I was there for four days 3 of them had 💩 lighting


But also only for a limited time, because as far as I know the old livery is getting phased out at the moment and will be replaced by this one:


I found this picture of the new livery on the B738 online:


That’s a MAX
Look at the engines

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I changed it. Thanks for telling me

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Absolute stunning pictures! The sunset makes for some fantastic light conditions and the water on the runway with the B747 reversing is just absolutely impressive to see as well. Thanks for sharing!


Welp then I’m happy to have gotten this shot before they replace the fleet.

Thanks a lot Julian! I agree, the sunset definitely topped it off. Glad you enjoyed seeing the 747 reversing shot :)


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