Golden Hour Spotting at KDFW

This was 3 weeks ago but I decided to post them anyway.

I used a Nikon D5200 with a TAMRON 70-300mm lens.
Here we have an E-175 taking off with the Hyatt in the background

Then the queen came in! This NCA 744 came from PANC. Unfortunately I did not get any good landing shots.

A close up of the 747 before it taxiied into its gate.

The China Airlines Cargo shooting off for KATL.

Finally, Reno Air going down to FLL! (i think)

Then we got a visit from the DFW Airport police. We left quickly after that :/

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Thank you




Wow! That is super good. I was thinking about going down to final but I mistakenly decided not to :/.

Yep, there were a few of us down there.

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Why do I think the car photo is better than the planes? 😂

Lol. Other than that, my second favorite is the (AA) Reno Air 737, great photos!


Thank you. I snapped a pic real quick while that cops were waiting for us to pack up haha

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Favorite picture is the police visit!!


Beautiful shot 😍

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