Golden Hour Spotting - 7/5/2020 @ KJFK

Went to JFK for the first time in months yesterday to see if things would start picking up again. Sadly, a lot of my shots got ruined by heat haze and it looks like traffic isn’t picking up yet. Without further ado, here are the highlights of my trip.

Airline - British Airways
Aircraft - 777-200ER
Registration - G-VIIE

A British Airways 772 with a mismatched engine cowling taxiing from terminal 7 to runway 22R for departure.

Airline - Delta Air Lines
Aircraft - A330-300
Registration - N816NW
A Delta A330 slowly picking up speed on runway 22R for Paris.

Airline - Air France
Aircraft - 777-300ER
Registration - F-GZNQ
A lightly loaded Air France 77W rotating over the numbers of 22R.

Airline - JetBlue
Aircraft - A320-200 - I ♥ NY Livery
Registration - N586JB
One of JetBlue’s many special liveries taxiing to T5 after landing from Palm Beach.

Airline - KLM
Aircraft - 787-10
Registration - PH-BKC
“The Flying Dutchman” taxiing to 22R for departure to Amsterdam.

Airline - American Airlines
Aircraft - 777-300ER
Registration - N179AN
The sleek American 77W rocketing out of JFK for London.

Airline - Virgin Atlantic
Aircraft - A350-1000
Registration - G-VJAM
The elegant A350 taxiing to parking after a transatlantic from London.

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Equipment Used:

Canon EOS Rebel SL3
Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM
Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 IS STM


Nice photographs @Guxk :)


Beautiful shots 😍

I absolutely love the Virgin Atlantic A350. The colors just speak to me!


Awesome pictures! I love the departing Air France!


Nice shots Gucky



Beautiful shots!

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Awesome shots! I live under the 22’s so I get to see all these beauties arrive!

Also, things are picking up now! Delta and JetBlue especially have restarted many routes that had been cancelled. It gets busier in the late afternoon/evening!


Great photos @Guxk!

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Oh how I miss seeing the action at JFK…all I can see from JFK is the arrivals…flying over my house at 12,000ft🙃

Awesome shots! Love the AA ones. Love the look of their 77W!

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Beautiful photos!

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That BA 777 😍

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Amazing photos @Guxk, The head on shots of the Virgin Atlantic is amazing.

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Fantastic shots! I unfortunately haven’t been able to go to JFK in awhile 😭

What location were you spotting at?


The top of the terminal 5 parking garage


Excellent fotos! Great catches.

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Nice shots

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Can’t wait till my Avianca babies are back 🥺🤧

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Very neat @Guxk

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Can I use one of these as my background?

These are some amazing pictures!!!