Golden Hour Spotting - 06 May 2020 @ DFW

Hello, all! Since everyone seems to be posting spotting topics today, I figured I’d join in as well. This was a great spotting session and I got some good photos of it as well.

LX-YCV, an 11 year old Cargolux Italia Boeing 747-400F inbound from, well, Luxembourg.

An added bonus, we also got N572UP, a 12 year old Boeing 747-400F landing from the UPS superhub, Louisville.

Afterwards, we caught N124UP, a 19 year old Airbus A300-600F landing from Austin. I believe this is my first time spotting an A300.

Surprisingly, we spotted more UPS flights than American. N240NN is the first of the two, a 3 year old Embraer E175L landing from Monterrey (CA).

Next up is an arrival I didn’t even see coming. It wasn’t on FR24 and I just barely got a picture of it, and I’m lucky I did. Here’s N74DH, a 14 year old Bombardier Global 5000.

Here’s N572UP again, taxiing into it’s parking spot at the UPS cargo apron.

Now we have G-ZBJG, a 5 year old Boeing 787-8 coming in from London Heathrow for it’s 2nd of 5 straight trips to DFW. We were supposed to receive the 787-10, but because of Coronavirus, those deliveries have been put on hold, so we’re getting the 787-8. This is also the first time I’ve ever seen BA land on 18R.

Up next is N978AN, an 18 year old Boeing 737-800 powering off 18L headed to Albuquerque.

After N978AN, I rotated spots over between Terminal C and E, where you get a good view of planes at the terminal and hardstands. Here’s N114DU, a 1 year old Airbus A220-100 (sorry CSeries fans) vibing at a hardstand awaiting it’s next mission (spoiler alert: That mission was Detroit the next day).

And to finish it off, here’s a beautiful, 100% unedited photo of the sunset on the drive back home.

Thank you for looking at my topic! Check out my Instagram for more of my pictures:


Great shots! I love the first one! Keep it up!

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Cool shots! I personally think the A300 is reallllyyyy ugly. And when did you take these photos? The 175 from Monterey could be @IFly145 on Instagram

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Check the title lmao

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Holyyy crisp shots 😩

idek what I’m supposed to say


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these shots are hot like always 🥵. keep this up!

Wow really nice photos!

IFC clout secured


Bread I mean clout secured


Never ever disappoints, great shots

Wow! Those are some awesome photos!

@AarkonTV @Jake_Seitz @Joseph007 @Infinite_Qantas @MJP_27 Thanks!


747s looked amazing, thanks for sharing!

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