Golden Hour on the San Francisco Bay to the Cloudy sky of Switzerland

San Francisco to Zürich

So a while back, I believe the day when Denver and San Francisco were the featured airports, I flew a really fun overnighter out of San Francisco.
San Francisco is one of my favorite airports in the world because of the amazing views of the Bay, and Zürich is also one of my favorite airports because of its close proximity to the Alps. Swiss flies this route in real life and it’s definitely a route I would want to try in real life. They use their 777-300ERs on this route, so I did too. I think the 77W in the Swiss livery is a great match and combined they are such a sleek combination.

On my post yesterday, @Infinite_Qantas brought up a great point, I use a lot of angles really repetitively, which I definitely agree with so with this post today I decided to try some different angles that I may use in the future depending on what feedback I get. I got the ideas for these angles from some of my favorite #screenshots-and-videos posters like Anshul, BravoChalrie, JackQ and Rian O’Shea.
I took off a little before sunset from a busy San Fran and landed a little after noon in Zurich the next day after 10 hours and 12 minutes in the air

Flight Details

San Francisco to Zürich
Swiss 4 Heavy
Boeing 777-300ER

🇺🇸 • 🇨🇭

Taxiing yo runway 28L in view of a United Dreamliner and Delta 777 Rotating off the runway above a United A320 after its flight from Vegas
Turning Northeast leaving SFO behind Climbing as the full moon rises into the California sky Cruising over the Northern California town of McArthur The sunsets over Oregon as the jetstream carries us toward Northeast Canada and eventually Europe Descending through the hills and mountains of France toward Zürich The large 777 engines scream as we put the gear down a few miles from Zürich Touching down in Switzerland’s largest city!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Since I tried some new angles, please give me your 100% honest thoughts! Let me know if you like something, hate something, etc…

Did you like some new angles?

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  • No!
  • They were fine
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The answer to the last question was French which 90% got correct!


Great Job like always Noah.


I really like the second one, thank you for taking my advice and they all look stunning😊

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Great job @NoahM! You never fail to impress me.

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Nice job, I love the Swiss 77W livery. I love seeing your photos!

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Can’t wait to do this flight once the 777 is reworked! :D

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Nice job with the photos! I like the variety of routes you fly!

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That’s a really cool angle/perspective! Such a great aircraft and you managed to capture Swiss 39 Heavy really well!
Grüezi and welcome to Zurich!

This one here is also a really neat perspective, thanks!

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The Swiss livery is so simple but so nice. Great pics!

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Hi @BravoChalrie @AlphaSeven

Love the new angles!

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Hope you didn’t have a long taxi “yo” 28L.
This was a great post, the Swiss 77W is amazing.
I’m a simple man, I see a 777, I like :)

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I’ve flown this route before, but with a United 767!

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Breathtaking shots as always Noah, keep up the great work:)

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Thanks a lot! @Butter_Boi and @ThomasThePro

@Infinite_Qantas thanks for the feedback on the last one! I’m always up for more :D

@Pertonics thanks! I love the 77W and the Swiss livery fits it so well

@John19 after the rework it will definitely be a flight I want to try again!

@Joseph007 thanks! I try to vary it up :)

@Sashaz55 it definitely is! Clean and simple

Thanks @anon41771314! Online school doesn’t have my spelling at its peak 😂

@Suhas thanks (maybe)! I’m a huge fan of the 777 too, not a fun aircraft to be taxiing too long “yo” the runway tho.

@Altaria55 in real life or IF? This would be a really fun flight irl
@Rian16 thanks Rian! Scenery makes it easier lol


Thanks Julian! I’m happy the new angles look good, Zürich is such a fan approach with views of the Alps!

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I love the new angles!

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Definitely is, even more so when coming from the South or South-West (which you probably didn’t, but the arrival via BLM is also stunning!)

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@Aero thanks 😊 I’ll try to keep using them

@JulianB I actually did a weird route into Zürich where I went a little south for better views!


In my opinion @NoahM takes some of the best photos. It’s just incredible the angles and lighting all just incredible. Well done as always.

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