Golden Hour @KBWI 11-17-18 Part 1

Hey everybody!
Today I had the chance to head over to BWI and spot. The temperature was a bit on the chilly side, but the lighting was absolutely phenomonal. I went to my new favorite spot ([spoiler]I talked about it in my last post from BWI: Plane Spotting @KBWI 9-15-18 A Rare Catch!), and stood on a crate, looking very conspicuous. Just as a fore note, I decided to lay off the editing, and keep the shots a bit more natural. Anyways, enough jabbering, lets see some shots!

An especially rare United 767-400 landing on 33L, inbound from Houston Intercontinental

Interesting story behind the next two, four Navy F/A-18s flew in formation over my head, then made tight 180 degree turns to line up on 33L. They landed in quick succession, much to my delight.

The second one

A Spirit A319 wobbling a bit, if you look closely you can see two airport employees working on the PAPI lights, must really have a killer view!

United B739 making the runway just a tad darker

Southwest 737-700 with splits (hopefully something we’ll see in the new update!)

The third of the Scimtared 737s, a Delta 737-900ER

N246NN, an American Eagle ERJ-175

Wait, make that four splits in a row. United 737-800, in the top left corner is a BJ landing on 33R (can’t quite tell which one it is)

To finish it off is an alternate view of the World Airways DC-10 (also talked about it in my last post at BWI). I got this shot by entering the fenced-off area around the aircraft. The gates to enter the area were wide open, so I did a cool walk-around of the aircraft (PM me if you would like to see more photos from that)

Unfortunately, I can only fit 10 photos in this post, so I will make another after this. Hope you guys enjoyed the shots!
Part 2 of the shots: Golden Hour @BWI 11-17-18, Part 2


Great shots! Cool to see a 764!

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Those fighters…I heard them and saw them out my back deck…glad you got shots of them!


The 767 was wasn’t a regular flight though, it didn’t park at any terminal gate. If only it could be a regular service:

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I believe it did. It was most likely charter. Most likely at concourse D


Interesting that United operates the 764
Great pics!

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Great pics dude!👍👍👍

@Luke_Sta @Pilot_urp @Dylan_M Thanks guys!

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So where are you? I want a new location. 😜

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Amazing photos! Well done!

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My location was on top of a crate I had to climb up on. The crate is in the “BWI Gold Lot”, or whatever. The location provides great un-obstructed touchdown shots if they are landing on 33L and great rotation shots if the aircraft are taking off from 15R.

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That Delta 737-900ER with the scimitar winglets though 😍😋

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@The_Geniusman @BennyBoy_Alpha @Delta767 Thank you guys! I appreciate the support!

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