Golden Hour @JFK pt 1

Was doing Singapore-JFK-Singapore in Expert and decided to use my replay to ‘plane spot’ I hope you enjoy and please comment you favorite photo

Beautiful Raccoon mask
I Finally landed after 18hours
Delta A330 to Atlanta
retard retard Butter 🧈
The world on time delayed
We will miss you Alitalia 🇮🇹
Virgin Girl crossing the pond 🇬🇧
United we stand 🇺🇸
Hey grandpa how you doing
The new kid on the block

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Very nice!

But may I ask why the Aer Lingus A321 was at JFK? 🇨🇮😂

@EI-AVA actually flew in from Manchester weird right

I’m surprised it even had that range

@EI-AVA Yes the A321-200 has a typical range of 3,200nm plenty to go across the pond

@EI-AVA well BA used to fly London City to JFK with a stop in Shannon in a all business class A318

Well yes, but its funny because Aer Lingus doesnt even operate the A321 across the Atlantic

lol, the “world on time-delayed” haha, well nice spotting pics.

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Pretty funny right because FedEx slogan is The World on Time

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Yeah lol totally, nice one right there.

Nice!!! Gave me a few chuckles I like the Last one and the World on time delayed