Golden Hour @BWI 11-17-18, Part 2

Hey guys,
I’m back with the second (and final) part of this spotting thread, lets get into the shots!

Southwesterner from somewhere in the southwest (Las Vegas to to be exact)

Former U.S. Airways A320 landing on 33L, with a rather high flare angle

One of my favorite shots, an ABX Air 767-200, a beautiful bird!

Delta 757-200 completing its 1.5 hour flight from Atlanta

A jetBlue A320 battling the crosswinds, fortunately was able to grease the landing

C-FFYG, an Air Canada ERJ-175 landing from Toronto

Surprise! Another Southwest 737-700, moments away from touching down

A private Gulfstream, with a very slick reflection on the stylish windows

A sorry attempt of a pan shot, but its the only one I got, so…

Let me know what you think of the photos!
Is there anything I can improve?
Part 1 if you missed it: Golden Hour @KBWI 11-17-18 Part 1


Very nice photos! What do you use to photograph?

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a camera


(I use a Canon EOS Rebel SL1)


Nothing short of amazing.

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I have seen most of those WN 737’s! Great shots!

buys immediately

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We should go spotting soon with @Grizpac! The se are outstanding pictures! Did you stay for the BA 788?


Nah, the sun was going to be way too far down to get high enough quality shots. Don’t forget to invite @anon66442947 and @The_Geniusman

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And @Nate_Schneller! We should actually really do this!

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Yeah the BA 788 always come here at night and leaves at night except in the summer.

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I live like 10 minutes away from BWI (:

I love to see the 788 landing! It is always special!

Nice photos, but how did you miss all the WN aircraft. I understand it’s just too many, wanted to get more diverse with it didn’t you? 😂

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Wait does it not have service to BWI in the summer?!

Awesome photos man

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I’m sorry I just understood what you were saying. Yeah they fly here in the summer but because of daylight savings a 6:45 arrival is in the daylight.

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British Airways does year round service and the aircraft leaves around the same time all year.

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I’m there multiple times a week…and hard to miss!

Great photos.

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Great pics! Very well done.

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I’m actually quite surprised that you used this lol

You didn’t see enough of those IN Toronto? 🙄🙄

In all seriousness, great shots!

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