Gold Coast and Brisbane from 100,000ft

Server: Solo
Aircraft: F-22 (maximum coolness- @Butter_Boi)
Location: Above Gold Coast (where I live :))
Everyone please be advised that the first 2 pictures are taken of the Gold Coast, just bc I felt like it.


Looks so real

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Bit unnecessary, no?

But unnecessary but, ok


He was talking about this, which is a bit odd to say and unsubstantiated.

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A bit odd to say what I just said? Mate I live near here, and others don’t so it’s not odd to me lol

You’re not giving reasons as to why it’s a depressing city and the comment was totally out of the blue. That’s all. I don’t think it’s a depressing city and I don’t see how it is…


You’re 100% right, and I agree, it’s just out of the blue because of my local-to-Brisbane opinions and thoughts lol

Ahh Nice one!

Thanks, mate! ;)

thanks mate, good pics, i live in brisbane, nice to see it from a diff perspective

Yeah it’s crazy seeing how close Gold Coast and Brisbane really are! Where abouts in Brisbane are you located?

And thanks for your feedback it’s good to get another locals perspective! ;)

western brissy

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Now that’s cool, nice photos there!

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That’s cool that you responded, thanks mate ;)

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