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Welcome to GOL & VARIG Virtual Airlines!

In a virtual sky, flying with realism.

IFVARB Approved December 15th, 2020

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Hello everyone! On this 15th January 2021, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of GOL Linhas Aéreas, we’re happy to welcome everyone to the newest VA on IF: GOL & VARIG Virtual Airlines, the largest VA in Latin America by fleet and own destinations! Here, we are all about realism and simplicity, we do our best to make your experience as a crew member the best possible. Get to know a bit more about us by taking a tour through our thread!

GOL & VARIG Virtual is flying into 2021! We have more than 30 pilots. We expect to grow every week. And we believe that we can cover the Brazilian skies.

Our pilots can enjoy the route databases with more than 1000 routes with different aircraft and codeshares that allow you to explore the world! Whether a pilot wants to fly a short or long-haul, our route database will have the perfect route.

Since our creation in June 2020, and we were certified at IFVARB on December 15th, our amazing pilots have logged over 3,000 hours! We would like to thank both our pilots and partners to help achieve this!

GOL & VARIG Virtual Airlines, operations were carried out with realism and simplicity in mind, we have a simple flight registration system and the total hours of the pilots will be displayed here.

ATR 72-500/600 (The Q400 is used in Infinite Flight to represent it)

Livery: Generic

Boeing 737-700

Livery: GOL

Boeing 737-800

Livery: GOL - 2018

Livery: GOL+

Livery: WEBJET

Boeing 757-200

Livery: Generic

Boeing 767-300

Livery: Generic

Boeing 747-400

Livery: Generic

Boeing 777-200ER

Livery: VARIG


Livery: Generic



Livery: Generic



Rank 1 0h-10h GOL / VOEPASS Regional Routes (Q400/B737/B738)
Rank 2 10h-25h GOL / VOEPASS National Routes (Q400/B737/B738)
Rank 3 25h-50h GOL / VOEPASS National and International Routes [The South American] (Q400/B737/B738) / (Codeshares available!)
Rank 4 50h-100h GOL / VOEPASS / VARIG National and International Routes [The Americas] (Q400/B737/B738/B772/DC-10)
Rank 5 100h-150h GOL / VOEPASS / VARIG / VARIG LOG National and International Routes [Africa / The Americas] (Q400/B737/B738/B772/DC-10/MD-11/DC-10F/MD-11F)
Rank 6 150h-300h GOL / VOEPASS / VARIG / VARIG LOG National and International Routes [Africa / The Americas / Europe] (Q400/B737/B738/B772/DC-10/MD-11/DC-10F/MD-11F/B757/B767)
Rank 7 300h-600h GOL / VOEPASS / VARIG / VARIG LOG National and International Routes [Africa / The Americas / Europe / Middle East and Central Asia] (Q400/B737/B738/B772/DC-10/MD-11/DC-10F/MD-11F/B757/B767/B744)
Master Member 600h-1000h All routes are unlocked. All aircrafts are unlocked.
Senior Member 1000h-1500h Need at least 5 podiums in the Fly Away Program. -
Gold Member +1500 Need at least 3 Fly Away Program titles. -

Pilots who join can only fly the aircraft based on how high their rank is. However, pilots are free to travel wherever they please, as long as it is a route in our system.

The minimum requirements would be:

• Be 13 years of age or older.

• Be grade 3 or higher.

• Have a valid Infinite Flight Community (IFC) account.

• Have a valid Infinite Flight Pro subscription.

• Have a minimum of 100 flight hours on Infinite Flight.

• Have a maximum of 5 Level 2 and 3 violations in 1 year.

• Have a minimum of 30 landings in the last 90 days.

You will be checked against the IFVARB Watchlist and Blacklist. If you are on either list, your application will be automatically rejected, no questions asked.

Make your application here.

GOL & VARIG Virtual Airlines has the most amount routes of any virtual airline in Latin America, we fly to more than 292 different destinations, spread across South America, North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. If you want to see our route database, access here.

Popular Destinations

About São Paulo: The greater São Paulo is home to a whopping 24 million people, it is also home to Brazil’s 1st and 2nd busiest airports. SBSP is by far the more challenging one since it is located on an artificial hill that dips 200ft into a highway at one end, and into houses on the other end. It also doesn’t have long runways, with the longest one being only 6,300ft long. SBSP is a fun and challenging airport to visit.

About Rio de Janeiro: The most famous city in Latin America. Rio de Janeiro not only has beautiful scenery, but it also happens to have Brazil’s most challenging airport: SBRJ has two very short runways only 4,300ft long, the airport is surrounded by mountains and sea. This is a good airport to fly to if you are looking for an unforgettable experience!

About Brasilia: Notice anything? If you said that the city looks like two wings you would be correct. Brasília was built in the 1960s, and it is the capital of Brazil, the wing shape symbolizes progress and prosperity. Brasília is also home to Brazil’s 3rd busiest airport!

About Fernando de Noronha: It is a beautiful island off the coast of Brazil. It has a particularly intriguing airport, which is located between two hills, in a small valley, this causes the airport to be quite windy at times. It also has a short runway of only 6,000ft, so if you are looking for nice views and possibly a crosswind landing, you should head to SBFN.

About the Amazon Rainforest: An infinite stream of rivers and green, the Amazon Rainforest is the world’s largest forest. You will definitely notice it when flying to or from an airport in the northern part of Brazil, or if you are flying to Florida in the United States.

GOL & VARIG Virtual Airlines was created with the commitment to provide our pilots with experiences that relate to reality. The members of the company will enjoy a rating system that is safely designed, in addition to other resources provided by us. Certainly, representing Brazil, and for that, we ensure a quality infrastructure for all those who want to join the group.

We wish for the growth of the Brazilian community in Infinity Flight and with that mentality, we created a virtual airline.

Our method of organizing and training pilots aims for high performance and realistic operation in the simulator, seeking through creativity to develop new resources that can help the evolution of members, expand the fleet, additional routes, among other improvements. After all, maintaining the quality of excellence provided by our VA will always be our main objective.

Our mission is always to look for something that we can evolve, bring new things, expansion of the fleet, routes among others.

For our Virtual Airlines to be well represented for everyone, after all, we also want to make our story!


On May 7, 1927, Viação Aérea Rio-Grandense was founded by German Otto Ernst Meyer. It was one of the first Brazilian airlines.

It had great importance in the national scene since the end of the second world war, due to the drop in the prices of airplanes in the aeronautical market. This low price made it possible to purchase important aircraft, such as the Douglas DC-3 and the Curtiss C-46.

As of 1959 Varig introduced the first jets in its fleet, the famous Caravelle, later, in the following year, replaced them with 707, the model operated until 1980, when it was modified by Douglas DC-8.

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In the '70s, Varig started to be recognized worldwide, through its onboard service, compared to large European and North American companies, such as Air France, KLM, and Pan American. Thus, starting to operate new routes in the European market, leaving the new international terminal in Rio de Janeiro-Galeão (SBGL). At the end of the 1970s, its fleet consisted of more than 70% of jets, which allowed it to connect Brazil from north to south with direct connections.

With all these investments, Viação aerial Rio-Grandense was established as one of the largest and most renowned airlines in Latin America, connecting from its HUB, Rio-Galeao, Brazil with the world.


After the September 11, 2001 attack, the world found itself in an oil crisis and a fear of air travel. Two major Varig competitors were born in Brazil, Gol Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes and Transportes Aereos Marília (TAM), today LATAM Airlines.

With the world crisis and the increase in the price of a barrel of oil, Varig found itself in an unfavorable position, was accumulating debts, and was unable to get around this situation. On June 22, 2005, the request for judicial reorganization was granted by the Brazilian court, filed on June 17 of the same year by Varig.

Reluctantly, on December 14, 2006, Varig obtained an authorization from the National Civil Aviation Agency, to fly as VRG airlines, flew until April 2007, in which it was purchased by GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes, for 320 million dollars.

Two years later, the end of his judicial recovery was declared. Despite this, in the following year, 2010, the former Varig was declared bankrupt, because it was unable to pay its debt. Thus consolidating the definitive closure of a pioneering airline in Brazil.


We recognize how important Varig was in the national and even global aviation scene. A market was opened with great potential and a strength hitherto unknown here in Brazil. We are privileged to carry a legacy within Infinite Flight, combining the strength of GOL and the history of Varig.

To follow the realism with Varig’s routes to the letter, we count on the support of Mr. Alcir Dip, a former Varig employee, who had a 33-year career at Varig, becoming head of Varig’s operational control center in Rio de Janeiro - Galeão.

We appreciate your workforce and your dedication!!


VOEPASS Airlines:

It is GOL’s regional subsidiary. Similar to the real-world airline, Voepass (Previously to Passaredo), it also had the acquisition of MAP Linhas Aéreas, characterized as the subsidiary voepass, which operates throughout Northern Brazil! It operates most of its national regional services scheduled for leisure destinations using a regional aircraft fleet. Having its main base in Ribeirão Preto (SBRP), Congonhas (SBSP), and Manaus (SBEG).


WebJet Linhas Aéreas S.A. was a low-cost Brazilian airline, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, which operated from 2005 to 2012. After a succession of owners, it was acquired in July 2011 by GOL. It operated in a low-cost class, the entire economy and business model of only national airlines.

Soon we will have more partnerships! Thanks to all VAs who partner with us!

GOLVA is led by a close-knit, strong team of 9 staff members! Who are:

CEO: @Lucas_Botelho

COO: @Leandro_Resende

Head of Internal Affairs:

Head of Public Relations: @Leandro_Resende

Marketing Manager: @Lucas_Botelho

Supervisor Manager:

HR Manager: @Caique_Sena

INVA: @Joao_Christ

Event Manager:

IT Manager:


Please do not hesitate to ask! Feel free to send a DM to @Lucas_Botelho and @Leandro_Resende!

GOL & VARIG Virtual Airlines is not affiliated with, endorsed with, or sponsored by GOL Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras S.A., if you want to go to its website click here. All logos are registered trademarks of their respective owner.


The Brazilian orange🧡🇧🇷😍


Congratulations on the 1 year of operations, may there be more! I hope one day I can be part of this VA. 👏 ✈️


We appreciate the support. If you want to enter, feel free. Will always be welcome!🧡


congratulations! I wish you all the very best for the years to come.


Thanks for the support. We wish the same😄🧡


Looks like a great VA! I was actually planning to apply two days ago but I was too tired, then I saw this new thread and it just reminded me to do it haha. I already did a lot of flights in Brazil which I’m absolutely loving but I’m still looking forward to exploring more parts of it as it’s a huge beautiful country! 🇧🇷❤️


Glad you liked it. Brazil really has many landscapes and beautiful places to enjoy. We wait for you.😄🧡🇧🇷

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I have the immense pleasure of being part of this group! 🧡


proud to be part of this family!
I say with pride that I’m a Gol Va pilot !!🧡✈️

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Lovely new thread. Congratulations on 1 year!


We are happy to have you with us. Good flights!🧡🇧🇷

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We thank you, Partner.💙🤝🏼🧡😃


We are happy to have you with us too. Good flights!🧡🇧🇷😃


Congrats for the 1 Year operations! That’s already a great achievement and I, of course, wish you all the best in the year to come!


We thank you and are happy for the support. We also wish you and everyone around you all the best and a lot of success.😄🙌🏼


To all of you, partners, friends, pilots, everyone who made our year so special, we wish you a Christmas full of peace, harmony and affection! May the next one be even more amazing and satisfying!

This is a time when we must reflect on what is really important in our lives and cultivate the love and unity that not only in our families but wherever we are.

May the Christmas spirit be present in your homes and lives! Happy Holidays! 🎄🎊🎁

GOLVA team 🧡🇧🇷.


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