Gol "Musicolors" livery 737-800

I am requesting the “Musicolors” livery in Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes’s PR-GUO. This livery was made of images from singers who sang in Rock in Rio 2017. Even though this livery is not in this plane anymore, I think it looks cool, and we don’t have any special liveries in Brazilian Airlines. Gol is a low cost airline, with a fleet based in 737s, and it was founded in 2001.

Photo: Fábio Faria



looks cool tbh

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Gorgeous livery and I would love to see it!

Unfortunately I am out of votes, but you have my full support!


same here…

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You can vote here

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That’s quite outdated and lacks support. I think this one will stay since that’s old.

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