Gol "LARANJÃO" Boeing 737-800 PR-GTM

CREDITS: flickr.co

Speaking of special liveries one of the most beautiful ones in Brazil is the GOL B737-8EH (ORANGE) a beautiful painting that could be implemented on the Boeing 737-800 of Infinite Flight, if you liked it, vote for the blue button above ☝🏻
In my opinion this livery would be an achievement for the Brazilian community

Sorry, but this is a duplicate. Please make sure to search before you post for the aircraft, livery, or even the registration by using the search bar, which is the magnifying glass icon in the top right next to your profile picture and the three lateral lines. You can vote for the request below!

Ok sorry 🤦🏻‍♂️

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It’s alright, just make sure to do the steps I listed next time. Thank you!