GOL (GLO1268) B737-800 São Paulo-Navegantes

First time flying the GOL livery and flying into Brazilian land.
I planned my flight wrongly in Simbrief because I forgot to disable winds aloft, and that gave me a much higher takeoff weight than what it was supposed to have been.
The landing wasn’t one of my finest, I blame that to my inexperience on using the PAPI lights (came in too low). The short runway didn’t help either.

At the gate at São Paulo.

Taxiing to runway 09L.

Barrelling down the runway.

Cruising at FL260.

Above the jungles of Brazil.

Ready to land. Flaps 30° and 135kts.

Slamming the plane before the TDZ.


Welcome to Navegantes.


Can’t live with my poor landing. Tomorrow I’ll try the flight again and will zoom on the HUD to see the PAPI lights better, and make a good landing.

love the photos! may i join you on your journey tomorrow?

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Would love to, but I fly on solo. Maybe next time.

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Sounds about right for every 737 landing

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