Gol Boeing 737-800 Split winglets scimitar (New Livery)

Hello community!

Recently the PR-GUI was painted in the current colors of Gol, It was very beautiful the aircraft with this split in the colors of Gol, I found a little bit like Max 8 lol . It’s okay that in the simulator there is this painting, but the Brazilian community asks for it with these winglets to sclimitar.

If you liked feature request, vote Thank you ! ;)

Credit: aviões em solo
Factory: Boeing
Prefix: PR-GUI

Wooooooo… So beautiful!


Too much 😎

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I don’t know what looks better… The aircraft or the clouds!!!


In the case of this request, the difference would not only be in the change of the wing, but also the Gol logo is updated in this photo. The “O” in gray is more glued to the orange letters. Anyone who makes a comparison will see the difference.

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It’s true I did not realize that.

Bealtiful livery (GOL 2018)