Gol 737-800 (livery Gol+) Split Scimitar Winglet

Hello friends of IFC! I come to present to all, this painting that is not new in the B737 family of Gol, that same painting we have in the ‘IF’ that is in the 737-700. I present this request resource for the B737-800 with Scimiar winglets, a painting with the face of GOL airlines, which is in the B737-800, please kindly if you liked this feature, please give your vote, thank you all .


All Credits for this image go to: https://www.planephotos.net/photo/12544/GOL-Linhas-Aereas-Inteligentes_Boeing-737-800_PR-GUI/

Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Registration: PR-GUI

this would be a good aircraft for Brazilian people, but also for other people from another country. this is a very important aircraft for people, also the Boeing 777 of TAM. we are all very grateful if you add this aircraft. we are aware that it could be difficult to add this aircraft.more all the Brazilian virtual pilot team counts on you, we know you can add this aircraft and we will be very grateful.


This Livery has won another Vote with me, with the future update of the new Scimiar winglets, I hope it is added! 😀👍


Certainly this would be a Livery I would love to fly in if, have my vote!


Personally, I would rather have the another livery of Gol in the game instead of a Gol 737 with Slip Scimitar Winglets, just because of the simple fact that this 737 version is most likely to come after the 737 family re-work, in my opinion. And also, there are more beautiful Gol liveries, like the Smile, Brazil Football or the Cenourao ones.


my vote is guaranteed beautiful painting


Let’s “GOL” guys!!! Nice request!


I can not wait to see this beautiful aircraft with this wonderful wiglet!!


Nice request, I want B738 GOL in Infinite Flight have very time.
More Brazilian livery! Voted.


Guys, why only GOL? Azul needs more liveries than GOL does, you already have the liveries for the-700 and the -800 which is all the fleet, so why the need for more? Azul only has the E195.


Some topics… Brazillian request


Im well aware of that, but it looks like you guys want to be the Frontier of South America, judging by the big ammount of requests of GOL.


Let’s take it easy. There are indeed several requests for special liveries from Gol, as well as Frontier; but we also fight for a diversity of Brazilian and South American liveries. If you search, you will see Avianca, Azul, Latam, among others. Some of these applications may even have been created by foreign, but good number of Brazilians vote. That I can say why I follow these requests.


What’s more, if you did not like the topic proposal, I’ll give you some advice that a FDS official gave to a member long ago who was dissatisfied with a proposed topic; he said: “If you did not like it, just do not vote.”
To be honest, I took this advice from me, even though it was not directly addressed to me. lol


Even though that what you Said is true, you already have the liveries needed to fly for GOL. As you stated before the Brazilian community is huge, which means that not everyone likes GOL (I know a lot of Brazilians who don’t). With GOL’s liveries in the game, I think you should fight for other airlines’s liveries and let GOL with the liveries it has for now. That’s what why Im trying to say. It is obvious that If you have less requests, the more chances you have for them to get added.
About the advice, I can’t ignore this as I see more requests for GOL’s liveries when you have all needed. Azul and Avianca should be the ones to get added, not a simple change to a GOL original livery.


Azul’s problem is that its fleet is composed of A330-200 and A320Neo, which it does not have in the IF. These days I found a photo of a Azul A320-200 on Instagram; was taking off from GRU, I think. I intend to use this photo to request a livery of Azul in the A320 that there is in the IF; I just did not create the topic yet because the Brazilians are fighting for the Tam B77W and the Avianca A320. And many can not vote on multiple topics at once, but as soon as we get one of those liveries mentioned to be added to the IF, I’ll create the topic if no one creates it before me.


Wow 15 votes, share more for more votes guys!


15 votes, thanks for all. Go to more votes!


Very cool! You already have my vote! ;)


I see this plane a lot Doing the Guarulhos - Manaus route, I really enjoyed doing this route with stopover in Brasilia. 😁