Going Up With My Instructor!

Hello Community,
Tomorrow afternoon, at approximately 4:30 PM P.T. , I will be going up with my flight instructor to test my skills in several key aspects. I will be departing from TOA airport. Some of them include handling the throttle and yoke without assistance, and using the radio frequencies properly. I believe there are other things I need to master in this “checkride”, however my instructor has not alerted me on what they will be.

I will be updating the IFC and sending pics as often as I can. Stay tuned! Tomorrow is the day! :)

p.s. I will also try to film the best I can, so it can go on my Youtube channel.


Good luck hope the best for you


I wish you good luck!

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Good luck! What is the aircraft registration? I want to try tracking you on Flightradar24… send me a PM. :)

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Ooh! Include me in the PM!

Good luck! May your future be bright.


bona fortuna tibi
(good luck to you)

Good luck my dude! Do the best you can! 😀

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Good luck! I kinda envy u lol


Just remember to make sure you’re more focused on flying the actual aircraft, than getting your phone out to keep us updated.

As always, Good Luck!


Include me on that fancy PM please ;)

Oh of course! I don’t -



Or else you would cause an accident that everyone knows of course

Ok guys jokes aside don’t ask to be in the PM please. If you wanna privately chat with me regarding the flight, send me a personal PM. :)

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just what is the registration

Registration is currently not known at the moment. We have a couple SOCATA TB10’s out there so it could always change. If you would like to be updated on the reg. number when I find out, please PM me.

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can you post the registration on this post

Once it is all said and done I might. If you want it sooner PM me. If not, just wait and I’ll have it sometime tomorrow or Friday.

Are u trying to become a airline pilot?

At this moment I am focusing on getting the certificates I need including my PPL. CFI, CFII, PPL, etc. Once I am old enough and have the certificates I need, I wish to start out at Republic Airways, eventually transitioning into United Airlines.

Is this your final check ride to get your PPL?