Going up to Fl350 in a xcub

A few days ago I was playing on casual server for fun. I was just going to do pattern work until I had the next best idea. I was going to go up past Fl300 in a xcub. Now this isn’t all about me, so how high have you been in an xcub in infinite flight? Now I want this to be a competition. So if you want to participate you need to submit a photo of you in the xcub. Then I need to see your altitude. Have fun!

do you mean bad idea?

Fixed it. Thanks for the awareness

I haven’t gone that high maybe 10k feet. Wasn’t really trying to go high

Go ahead and try to do it.

I’ve been to FL150 (150,000 feet)

How? How is that possible

Do you have a Picture?

I flew from Ecuador to Hainan Island in an XCub in 2 1/2 hours at 14,000 knots at FL1135 once :p

Wow. That’s impressive.

@ykaviation Remember the time you flew from the southernmost airport to the northernmost airport in the Americas with a hypersonic XCub? 😂

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FYI, FL150 means 15,000 feet MSL. 150,000 feet would be FL1500.

@janksadam Flight levels are only above 18,000 feet

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There used to be a topic where a bunch of us tried to outclimb one another but it was closed due to inactivity. Check it out here:


Pretty Crazy dude.

Flight level just means your altimeter is set to standard pressure. Lots of countries use flight levels below 18,000ft including northern Canada <3 So 15,000 is FL150 and 100’ indicated in the altimeter with 29.92 set is FL001 lol

Oh okay. I’m from the US, so that’s what I’m basing it off of.

How do you know that they use flight levels below 18,000?

Personally, if I was told to climb and maintain flight level 150, I would keep climbing to 150,000 feet because those were my instructions.

I don’t think anyone else would do that though… no commercial or GA or maybe even military airplane is cleared to go that high…

@GlobalFlyer1, sarcasm intensifies


Obviously, I wouldn’t, haha

Hey guys, take it to PM with me if ya want <3