Going under the map on takeoff roll

So just about 5 minuets ago I was takeoff at LSZH on my way to JFK and everything was going good till takeoff role. I was in takeoff role passing just 150 knots and about to rotate when my plane just sunk into the ground and I was falling. I started getting over speed warnings very fast so I ended the flight before I started getting violations. Does anyone know what just happed.?

Hi! Is this a recurring bug? Has it happened before or after? If not, can you try and replicate what happened and see if it happens again? Also, which runway was this?

The terrain files are corrupt and your IF needs reinstalling to correct the issue.

Unfortunately it doesn’t matter about where or when it what, only a reinstall fixes it.

So it’s just something that happens at random times I am understanding

And I did just recreate it in solo and all was normal got it the air just fine

This was the first time. It was runway 32 I believe

Its likely that your terrain files were corrupt like Mags said. A reinstall and restart will generally resolve this issue.

If it was fine after that then I think it was just a one time issue.

Ok thank you very much for the help.!

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Hey thanks for the help.sorry if I did not understand somethings.