Going to Vegas for a long weekend! KORD-KLAS trip report!

Hi everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your day so far! Well since spring break is next week, I thought this weekend why not go to Vegas for a couple days just to relax with some amazing places to go to! Today I chose to sit in economy in the back even though I have points, I am trying to save money and points for the trip I am taking to somewhere in Asia for spring break, you guys will find out when I post it next weekend! The flight was very early but it was also very relaxing with having the entire row to myself! We had some moderate-severe turbulence on takeoff and climb but winds in Vegas were nice on approach, I bought wifi because I was bored since it was an early morning flight so I had some pretty good entertainment whatsoever! I can’t wait to show you all the experience I had so come along with me, I hope you all enjoy!

Flight number: American 1539
Airplane: Boeing 737-800
Route: Chicago(KORD)-Las Vegas(KLAS)
Flight time: 3 hours and 37 minutes
Server: Training

About to board this beautiful plane which is the TWA livery, we are at gate H17!

Here is my economy seat 28F! My seat looks okay but it’s a little dirty but you know how economy is on American Airlines, but that is a pretty cool view of the back part of the wing!

Lining up runway 28R, it is 7:03 am, here we go! Las Vegas here we come!

Pretty windy takeoff, goodbye Chicago!

We are banking to the right as the sun rises here in the Midwest!

It has been around 50 minutes since takeoff and we are at FL340, and breakfast is being served to the first class passengers, I can smell coffee from here and it’s making me thirsty lol! I just bought wifi so I think I am gonna go browsing to look up fun things to do in Vegas, and on my other device I am just watching the morning CNN news, I didn’t bring any snacks with me so I will just have to wait another 2 hours as I’m not tired at all.

We are on our descent already with a wonderful view of the Las Vegas vicinity and of course the mountains in the background also look beautiful! Man this flight went by fast!

On final runway 1L with nice weather, landing in just a few moments!

We just landed at 8:42 am, and we are crossing runway 19L!

After a nice early morning flight, we are here! Thank you so much American Airlines for such a nice trip with having the entire row to myself and I had a wonderful experience, your wifi was super fast and I was able to watch a lot! But now I am gonna go to the baggage claim and get a rental car and stay here for 3 days! Thanks again American Ailrines!

Thank you so much for reading this and please stay tuned for more trip reports! Here is the replay!

Have a good rest of your Friday guys!


Nice well-done trip report! I also had the luck to fly this plane from Los Angeles KLAX to Nashville KBNA.

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Nice trip report👍🏼😄

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Really well done! Enjoy the long weekend 👍


Thank you so much guys! You too @Thomas_Cunningham!

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Thanks for liking!

Well done trip report!! It’s really weird how we can now use Wi-Fi at 30,000+ feet above the Earth! I used Delta Wi-Fi (well, their seat back screen), to watch the Times Square New Years Ball drop this year on my flight from ATL-MSP. It was really weird, because the second the ball fully dropped an it was midnight ET, we hit CAT and had a sudden drop!

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Really, I buttered, but okay. Thanks!

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