Going to start!

Hello community sorry if this topic is unnecessary but I just thought I’d share this with y’all! I have made a very bold statement that I do not like the expert server but I have decided to start flying on it hope to see all of you on the Expert Server soon!

It’s like TS, but Expert and ATC can ban yea, that’s the biggest difference

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Yes I just have to be very careful and hope to do everything well!

I’m going to check where there is ATC on the ATC schedule and plan a flight to or from that airport, I’m very exited to see you all soon!

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Best of luck! Hope to see you in the air soon :)

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Thank you, can’t wait to see you up in the clouds!

Never hurts to refresh your knowledge with the tutorials. It’s often understated here how much information is actually necessary to learn for proper interaction with ATC. A lot of it is situational and won’t be encountered in normal traffic conditions, but is still important to know.


Will definitely check out the ATC tutorials to refresh my mind and do my best on the Expert Server!

You think that’s something? Wait until there are like 3-4 mods on the ground in addition to T/G and an APP Controller handling Departures.


Everyone’s already nervous because @JoshFly8 is supervising the whole thing. Definitely gonna crap your pants.

Just thought I’d set the scene for you. Want my advice? Brake your WiFi router then Roll up into a ball and play dead or just play on training.


Haha great advice, thank you!

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Agreed :))

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