Going to every country in the world

I am currently trying to do a flight where I visit every country in the world in a 747 or any Türkisch airlines aircraft as I’m doing this flight to promote a va that me and my partner are currently in the process of making . I know this is ambitious but I am devoted to making it happen. I’m starting out of turkey and then going to the next best country if you have any suggestions for airports and planes I should use please send them in this thread I’m looking for airports that might be challenging and that I can fly into with the airplanes I provided in this topic

Good luck, let your ambitions take you far, although keep in mind there are 195 countries in the world (incl. the Holy See and the State of Palestine, which are two countries not recognized by all nations in the world.)

And then there is someplace called Somaliland, only recognized by the UK…

Oh yea, the B747 isn’t your optimal plane to fly to every country with…

Ha! That’s a very good idea, in great continents such as North America and Australia you can already know which airports to fly to. When it comes to Africa and the 747, very active airports in Africa are like FACT, FAOR, FADN, Addis Ababa, and many more, just saying this coz many airports in Africa don’t support 747’s

Good luck

Hello, when you search someone to join your flight, just send it:)

I know that I have a few other planes like the turkish 737

The 787 would be great choice in my opinion :)
Or does it have to be a Turkish Airline livery?

it doesnt have to be i can use that aswell if its a good choice

Good luck landing the 747 in Andorra, you don’t even have an airport there. Actually you do, but it’s in Spain.

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good idea to have if you go through Barcelona spain hahaha

From doing a flight that involved a touchdown in every continent, there are going to be a lot of airports that the 747 wont work in just from seeing the airports. While the queen will be a good one to knock out most, guess have reasoning and a plan for smaller aircraft.

Actually he needs to touchdown in Andorra/La Seu d’Urgell airport, about 192 km apart from each other.

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I have been checking countries off the list too, but not all in one flight lol. Good luck!

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I assume the Vatican is out, unless you want to land in Rome. The same for Monaco, Lichtenstein, and San Marino


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