Going to Croatia

Hey guys,

I’ll be flying to Croatia on August 27th and then flying back.

We are taking off from Birmingham and I just wanted you guys to know because if you want to see any certain planes that you know will be there during the morning 4am-9am don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll see if I can grab a photo.

I’m flying Monarch Air and I’ll try get the plane in a minute.

Believe it or not it’s only my second time on a plane during my 15 year life and I want to be a pilot when I’m older so we will see how that turns out


Just take as many photos as you can.


Cool! I don’t think I’m going anywhere soon. (by soon I mean years)


Wow! Looking forward for your trip!

That’s cool. I hope you have a safe and wonderful flight.

Thank you, we have a while to go but I can’t wait.

I flew to Cyprus once, first time flying, and left 200 Euros on the plane on the way there and then 50 euros and my IPhone 5 ( a good phone back at the time ) on the plane on the way back.

Easy jet, so I never got it back.

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