Going to Bangkok!

I’m Going to visit Bangkok (DMK) on 11 June and back to my Home on 13 June by using an AirAsia Flight! I’ll post some pictures About Bangkok’s DMK airport and (maybe) a FlightReport!


Take lots of pictures. And have fun.


Ok have fun but remember to bring bug coating so you do not be bitten by the insect


I want to see that Air Asia livery! Have fun!

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@Sturmovik Sure! I guess I’ll Take many Photos about QZ’s A320 interior ;)

@poppingspices Sure! I Heard Thailand is on Summer rn. So I think I’ll be biten by many Mosquitos :/

@ItsPerses I would take some! (As I’m a fan of AK’s livery too :p)

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Yes you should you do not know if a mosquito can transmission a bad bacteria virus

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Yup, especially Dengue :(


Welcome to Thailand sir
Have you enjoyed the trip in Thailand

The latest to get a girl friend at
Don Mueang International Airport DMKFLT XJ701,D ICNDMK
Team Ground handling service GSE.A/C (my friend) brought me into the apron.

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Can’t wait to see Those Air Asia X on DMK ;)

Great livery,
Have fun man
Watch out for those mosquitos

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Sure! Though (Maybe) Imma use QZ’s A320

Btw, Updated outbound flight schedule
Airlines : Indonesia AirAsia X
Flight number : XT250
Origin : Jakarta Soekarno Hatta Int’l Airport
Destination : Bangkok Don Mueang Int’l Airport
Time : 2355Z 10th May to 0345Z 11th May, 06.55 A.M to 10.45 A.M of 11th May Local Time (Both in Bangkok and Jakarta, UTC+7)

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VTBD 102100Z 23007KT 9999 FEW030 28/24 Q1008 NOSIG

issued at 1700Z 10
from1800Z 10 to 0000z 12
TAF VTBD 101700Z 1018/1124 23005KT 9999
FEW020 TEMPO 1109/1113 VRB10KT 5000 TSRA
FEW018CB SCT035 BKN100
RUNWAYS 230/7kts

have a nice weekend sir

Well come to Thailand
Good day


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