Going to Baltimore!

SI’m going to Washington, D.C. This summer.
I’m leaving Wensday and I’ll be returning July 22
I’m riding spirit airlines I’ll take photos of the plane.


Have fun :)

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Nice! I’m going in October for a school trip.

Have a nice trip and greet Lincoln for me! :)

I might be going on Tuesday. Maybe

Spirt Airlines … 😣😣


As one who has been to DC before, it is a wonderful experience. Both the monuments and museums, and the spotting options. You may even see Southwest Colorado 1 there!

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Where are you flying out of? I might be taking united with their newer 739’s, not the older ones(thankfully).

I live in that area. While your there check out the Metrorail system, its cool & goes 60mph

I’m flying to my relatives in an island in Indonesia and there’s a transit in a city not too far from it, since we I am staying in my grandma’s house for 6 days we are going to stop there first before flying to the next place, so I really wished that we flew garuda(knowing that it Is a very small chance) then instead we flew Lion Air, luckily the seat next to me was empty so I moved there since it was a window seat, the seat was so cramped by the time we got off my legs would have died. Luckily for all my suffering on that aircraft I spotted a Garuda A330.
So if you fly in Indonesia I don’t really recommend low cost airlines.

Which airport do you fly into? DCA Reagan has a fun river approach that twists and turns to get around protected airspace.

The metro is great to get around.

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One month in D.C.?

My dad lives there.

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I made a big mistake I’m actually flying to Baltimore on spirit.

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Haha. 😜

Anyway, enjoy your flight :)

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