Going through other aircraft

I have to say that nothing makes me more mad on infinite flight than people going through me!! Today, as I was pulling into my gate at KATL, a user by the name of “JY2113” decides to intentionally taxi his A359 into my 739. As shown by the pictures below, he violently turned off of his taxi way to come to where I was. Also shown by photographs is that he had plenty of time to slow down and let me turn into my gate. If this quote on quote “pilot” is apart of you virtual airline, please have a talk with them. I am very upset about that. I don’t bother anyone while on infinite flight, and I wouldn’t expect for people to bother me 🤬😡😤 Infinite Flight, there needs to be some type of consequence for this type of behavior

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If you know who it was. Send them a PM telling them about their flying

happened to me

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Very sorry to hear about your unpleasant encounter with this individual. While we strive to keep servers running smoothly with users who play by the rules and interact with others politely, its very time consuming and near impossible for a moderator or staff member to tend to an aircraft incident such as this. It’s simply impossible to monitor every airport for such situations.

You may ask, “why can’t they just enable or make aircraft collisions a thing?” Comes down to something called abuse. Imagine the times that someone accidentally collided with you. In order for it to be effective, this would have to end the session for the pilot who ran into you as well as your session. Then you would have the folks who would simply kamikaze simply to be a disruption.

Other factors that could have led to this are their device being of a lesser quality. Another factor could be that they had their aircraft count on low, or none and no aircraft tags.

Again, we realize this is bothersome, but I hope you were able to understand a few hurdles/obstacles that are in the way to successfully and efficiently moderate this sort of behavior. Rest assured, we take care of these folks when we see it happening first hand.

Dodging birds and deer on the runway…