Going the Extra mile for Economy passengers

Thomas Cook Launches lie flat seats in Economy. Well no this doesn’t mean the seat is actually going to be 180° lie flat seat, but moreover a row of seats is converted into a flat bed. You can book them online in advance. The mattress and the pillows will be provided by the airline on a payment of 200€ extra on top of ticket price. This means that you won’t have to share the seat with a companion as the sleeper seat totally belongs to you.

For me it’s a bit to pricy , although on a long Haul good sleep is must! Bit still I would rather ask the cabin crew to provide me some blankets and pillows are already enough three seats three pillows… and I can set up my own bed…or even Bring a comforter from my home. Well then at that time I would have to pay for extra luggage 😂.


Credits:- Dailymail.co.uk

They will even provide you amenity kit alone with this. Thomas Cook has put this plan on their A330 flying to USA. Well this is quite a smart idea.

What do you think is this worth the price or would you set up your own bedding?

This is the seat we have been talking about.

Credits:- Dailymail.co.uk

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Wow, how unique. Definitely an interesting way to take up 3 seats.


Oh the people in the window seat will be frustrated. Imagine seeing someone laying down right next to you while you only get 5 degrees of recline.


Air New Zealand has done this for years with the sky couch wonder if they had to get the skycouch license from air Nz to do this ik some airlines have.


Mhm, oh, I just sleep on the floor… 🙂


I actually did that once when I was very sick on a flight from Bali to Auckland LOL

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Well… If an airplane isn’t fully booked, it’s a unique way to make more profit for a company.

Great minds think alike 😆

Very interesting idea! Seems they can also make some extra money this way.

Air New Zealand has done this since 2011 when it debuted on there 777-300ER aircraft.

I never thought of it being done this way but I think it’s much more suited to airlines to do it this way than how Air New Zealand have done it.

lol I don’t know if I would ever purchase this if I flew with Thomas cook because I would just feel awkward while everyone stares at me sleeping all comfortable while there cramped up in their seats

image imageimage


Well Air New Zealand has done it the same at TC. They’ve just done it on the side rows of the aircraft, instead of the middle seats.

I mean the way it’s been done with the mattress and all that. Seems more logical and better for maintenance, is theirs popular. Personally I wouldn’t want one of these seats but that’s just me.

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The Sky couch is pretty popular among familis traveling. It’s more advertised to couples and families

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In order to fit comfortably I’d need 4 seats lol


Same here, otherwise preety much my feet will be outside the seat.

Why would an airline want to go an extra mile?
Is there another airport a mile ahead that’s better?

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From an aircraft commercial point of view I don’t get this.
So you’d pay £35 for 1 seat. £199 pounds for 3 seats, where otherwise the airline could have sold the seats for ticket price + £35 to two other passengers. Why would they offer a comfy bed/set while you can sell it for more?

Do they only do this on empty/quiet flights?