Going The Distance Tournament - 280000ZAPR18

Have you been one that has thought that you have completed the longest non-stop flight in Global before? Well it is now time to finally figure out who actually holds that title. I will be hosting a Going the Distance Tournament to find who actually holds the title as the pilot who can fly the longest. The goal is simple- to travel the Farthest distance on one tank of gas.

Here is how it will work: All are welcome to try and qualify by completing as long as a flight, in distance, as you can before the qualifying deadline at 0000Z April 28th. Distance is what matters here, not time in air. Oh and you can only fly the B747-8 to be able to qualify. For the 15 pilots that do qualify you will be placed in a tournament going head to head with another pilot. You and your competitor will determine which aircraft you will both use (you must use the same exact aircraft, no differences in models). Once you have completed your flight you will submit screenshots of your pre flight flight plan, preflight weight, and final fuel remaining once you have landed. Your distance, pax and cargo count, and fuel remaining will be used to calculate your score.

Scoring will be done using an equation. The competitor with the highest score will move on in each round, only if they complete their flight.

Equation: (Distance of submitted FPL)+(Zero Fuel Weight/1000)+ (Fuel Remaining)= Score

Server: Expert only

Departing Airport: Competitor’s decision

Time: 0000Z - Qualifying Flight due by 28th April


  1. Fuel and weight must be set and submitted before pushback
  2. Flight plan set and submitted before pushback
  3. Must only depart from airports that can hold your agreed upon aircraft
  4. Must land at airport that can hold your agreed upon aircraft
  5. Qualifying flights must be done on the B748 only
  6. Once flight is complete submit your remaining fuel
  7. Aircraft must be the exact same family and model as your competitor
  8. you may start and end from any airport you wish and take any route you wish
  9. Tournament rounds will be held only on the weekends. Times will be from 0000Z for Friday to 0000Z Monday
  10. Anyone caught cheating will be automatically disqualified
  11. The following aircraft are NOT allowed: KC10, C17, F16, A10, VC25, F22, F14, C130 variants
  12. All flights must be completed on Expert server, so account for any possible ATC interactions you will have to deal with
  13. Callsign for your distance flight must be GTD with your seeding number
  14. Only screenshots of FPL, Zero Fuel Weight, and Fuel Remaining will be accepted. All screenshots must be submitted to @USA007.


  1. @USA007


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